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Size Matters: March 3-Screen Shootout takes a look (Part 4)

By Aaron Rudger | March 28, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Any college kid can tell you, size matters… when it comes to website performance. In the Keynote March 3-Screen Shootout we look at websites likely to see heavy traffic during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, including the Basketball pages of schools with a long tradition of basketball success. We looked at them across three screens to determine if there’s a direct correlation with the heaviest sites and those performing the worst. Let’s see how the Universities fared:

The Universities


University of Florida had the fastest average for desktop users at 2.19 seconds despite being in the thick of it on the court.  Duke University was the worst averaging 7.48 seconds for visitors who decided to drop by and morn their loss.


Bytes Downloaded: Speed wins on the court and online as well. Size plays a role as well, and in basketball terms, small lineups prevail. University of Florida averaged around 1.88MB while Duke averaged over 3.8MB.



University of Syracuse came out on top for tablet users, with sub-two second speed (1.79s).  Duke was the slowest averaging 6.48 sec.


Bytes Downloaded: Syracuse averaged around 896KB while Duke nearly three times larger at over 2.42MB.



University of Florida was tops for visitors on the go with smartphone speeds of only 6.56 seconds.  Duke bottomed out again, averaging 49.82 sec.


Bytes Downloaded: No surprise here. University of Florida averaged 893KB while Duke averaged over 1.8MB.

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