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Spring Release: More Data to Love and Share

By Aaron Rudger | March 31, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance

Keynote is fortunate to have thousands of customers who use Keynote in different ways. In many of the largest Web Operations Centers around the world, you’ll see Keynote monitoring dashboard screens alongside other tools and head’s up displays. Meanwhile hundreds of analysts, e-business teams and system architects log into Keynote every day to drill into performance data, identify patterns and understand the impact of change on performance, and ultimately the business.

This quarter’s Web Performance release gives you more reasons to love your data, regardless of which way you chose to use Keynote.

Operations: Dig That Dashboard


When you’re in an Operations Center, dashboards give you at-a-glance insight into the state of your systems and applications. But prioritization of data and control over visualization is at a premium in these highly-instrumented environments. The new Keynote dashboard provides greater head’s up flexibility with features like direct editing of Thresholds, custom sorting, Compact View, and easier filtering options.

And vying for grooviest new feature: Lights Out mode. (queue disco music) What’s not to love about that?!? ;)


Data Analysts: Faster Insight

Keynote active measurement Charts are awesome. But for analysts looking to explore lots of measurements, and quickly experiment with different slices and comparisons, the interface can be cumbersome. Now, with the new Visualizer, you can quickly create and modify tabbed graphs ‘pinnable’ for viewing the next time you login.


It’s a simple, elegant and time-saving way to analyze trends, isolate issues and identify opportunities for performance improvement.

And speaking of performance improvement, more customers are taking advantage of the intelligence that comes from analyzing their web & mobile site visitor traffic with Real User Perspective. With this release, we’ve added more features to help you find opportunities like slow pages you aren’t actively monitoring, mobile user issues, where in the world users are seeing delays and more.


We’ve also heard that both performance analysts and WebOps engineers need more tools to share performance data with their developer peers, and archive it for historical analysis. Now you can export Keynote performance waterfall detail in the industry-standard HTTP Archive data format for collaboration and data warehousing.


Make Every Digital Interaction Count

Thanks to our SaaS delivery, customers are enjoying these enhancements immediately. If you haven’t experienced how Keynote can help make your Operations team happier, and give you the insight needed to make every one of your customers’ digital interactions count, start a free trial today.

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