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2014 Keynote Competitive Ranking for Banking Sites

By Josh Galde | September 17, 2014

CATEGORIES: Web Performance, Performance Analytics
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Online channels have become the battlefield for winning the hearts and minds of consumers. The performance, usability and brand perception for online content owners are now closely tied, and can quickly influence a customer’s choice – positively or negatively. This is especially true in competitive verticals like Financial Services, especially within segments like consumer banking, where the difference between the top players often comes down to the quality of the initial customer touch-point. Having a way to accurately measure and benchmark the performance of your company’s digital platform against that of the competition is extremely important for internal audiences, and being able say that you were named # 1 by a trusted third party is extremely valuable from a marketing and brand perspective.

What are the Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites?

The Keynote Competitive Rankings (KCR) for U.S. Banking Sites measures the digital platforms of the leading U.S. banks to determine which are doing best in pivotal categories such as Performance, User Experience and Customer Satisfaction. The study also looks at how performance and user experience promote or detract from a company’s brand and help determine loyalty and future intent. In addition, the study looked at the mobile technology and social networking habits of study respondents to determine which sites are building the best multi-channel digital relationship, across Web, Mobile and Social. The KCR for Banking Sites is a combination of Keynote’s industry-leading performance measurements and panel-based research -- we send 1000+ real people to the sites and ask them to perform tasks and then follow up with a series of questions. The resulting rankings provide an objective barometer to compare industry leaders and help illustrate how user experience and a site performance have a direct link to business outcomes.

Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites is the latest and most complete syndicated offering in a long line of popular performance and usability industry studies from Keynote.

To obtain a copy of the complete Study and see where your company placed, please see Competitive Intelligence. 

Who was included in the 2014 Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites?

  • Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • Citibank (Citigroup)
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • PNC Bank
  • RBS Citizens Financial
  • SunTrust Banks
  • TD Bank
  • US Bancorp
  • Wells Fargo

Who won the 2014 Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites?

We are pleased to congratulate BB&T for taking first place for Overall Effectiveness in the 2014 Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites!

Who were the top winners of the 2014 Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites?

Overall winners:

  • 1st Place:  BB&T
  • 2nd Place: Citibank & US Bank

Top scorers by category:

  • Brand Impact: BB&T
  • Future Intent: BB&T
  • User Experience: BB&T
  • Performance: BB&T

How did BB&T take first place in overall effectiveness in the 2014 Keynote Competitive Rankings for Banking Sites?

BB&T stands out as the leader for overall site effectiveness among U.S. Banks, taking 1st place in both the Brand Impact Index and the Performance Index. In the 2014 Banking Study, BB&T outperformed the competition across the board! Survey respondents perceived BB&T as “Easy,” “Helpful,” and “Reliable,” with good site design layout and organization. BB&T also tops the Future Intent Index, and the User Experience Index and was also seen as having the best online application process, with clear steps to the process and strong performance.

To obtain a copy of the complete report or find out how Keynote can help you improve your digital customer experience, go to Competitive Intelligence.

about kcr

Competitive Rankings Methodology

Keynote Competitive Rankings measure performance, usability and overall brand effectiveness, across the top 10 leaders in an industry. Rankings for each industry are published twice annually for persistent, longitudinal monitoring. The analysis is custom packaged and delivered to subscribers, providing context within the industry with clear best practice and recommendations for improvement. The study includes an exhaustive list of the rankings across key performance, user experience, brand and conversion indices. Subscribers also get access to detailed metrics per site showing exactly what factors led to their aggregate rank as well as showcasing the most current online best practices, and pitfalls to avoid, based on the competition.

Keynote provides the Rankings in partnership with eVŌC Insights. eVŌC Insights is a customer experience consulting firm that provides expertise in Web- and Lab-based user experience research to help clients achieve higher returns on their digital investments.

The rankings reflect the fact that both performance and user experience contribute to site effectiveness and that neither is owned by an individual business group. Today it is a joint responsibility shared across multiple functions. These metrics are a comprehensive way for companies to measure how successfully cross-functional teams are delivering an optimum customer experience, and benchmark their websites and apps against competitors. The studies also provide a benchmark for others in the industry.

About Keynote Competitive Intelligence

Keynote Competitive Intelligence includes the Keynote Scorecards and Keynote Competitive Rankings. Keynote Competitive Rankings (KCR) benchmark the complete customer experience including site performance, usability and brand within the competitive context of a specific vertical.  The studies include tasked-based usability research and performance measurements across multiple digital channels.  This bi-annual study helps customers understand where they should focus to improve their customer experience and what top sites are doing to be the best. Verticals studied include financial services, travel, hospitality, and insurance.

Keynote Scorecards are fact-based, competitive benchmarking studies that measure and rank digital offerings based on 200 – 400 criteria reflecting industry best practices.  The annual and bi-annual Scorecards are designed to help financial services companies identify their strengths and opportunities in acquiring and servicing consumers through their digital channels, and how they rank against their competitors in key categories and tasks.

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