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This Week in Digital Performance

By Celeste Malia | August 21, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Digital Week in Review


GitHub’s top 10; You really can have it all; APM is MSP’s new source of revenue; The cloud an enterprise’s best friend; UX first equals success

In Review:

  • Looking to make a move into the exciting world of app development? Brush up on the top 10 programing languages on GitHub.
  • When it comes to digital transformation, do you know if you’re organization is the tortoise or the hare? Collaborative culture and implementing a dedicated DevOps team to supplement IT means you can be both.  
  • Managed service providers looking for a new revenue stream would be well served to get into the application monitoring business, says Vess Bakalov of Network World.
  • Mobile apps have been increasingly dependent on the cloud - it allows developers to pivot at a moment’s notice without losing any of the app’s quality while working at the breakneck speeds today’s enterprise organization demands.
  • The key to high-performing, widely adopted enterprise apps? Great UX. Designing with a “UX first” mindset leads to better developed apps that can really move the needle.
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