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Inspiring Innovation: Keynote to Host the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship Students

By Shawn White | February 23, 2015

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Center for Entrepreneurship 

Keynote is an incredible place. I started my career here, almost 20 years ago and coming out of college, I took on wide ranging roles such as building our first website (a new concept in 1995!), market and competitive research, architecting the world’s first globally distributed monitoring network, stints in sales engineering and customer support, network operations, managing facilities and data centers, which ultimately lead to my current position of overseeing the our global Service Delivery and Operations teams.  This is what is so great working in the tech field; your opportunities are limited only by your own creativity, determination, and success—with a bit of luck sprinkled in.

In Silicon Valley, where people typically hop every few years from one company to the next, I’m the exception to the norm, but my stability has afforded me the opportunity to witness innovation up close and personal through its many forms and stages, ultimately learning what exactly it takes to bring new ideas to the market.  As Keynote continues its long tradition of creating new technologies in the Valley, we are excited to help launch the next generation of tech disruptors by teaming up with the University of Michigan to host its student entrepreneurs at our headquarters on March 7 for a day of innovation.

Forty-two aspiring students, selected by the university, will travel to the Valley in a few weeks to see up close how several tech businesses are disrupting the way we work and live across various industries.  On March 7, the students will pitch their own business plans to tech executives and university alumni for a chance to accelerate the path to making their visions a reality.

Keynote’s opportunity to innovate started when the Internet made its public debut in mid-late 1990’s.  Since then, I’ve seen Keynote promote new ways for companies to use technology and deliver the tools to make it easier to do business over the Internet.  (Heck, we built our “cloud” / “SaaS” service before those terms were even invented!)  Now established, businesses like Keynote cannot afford to stop disrupting and building upon its legacy.  This is why we are excited to be teaming up with the University of Michigan and hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and create solutions that grow our customers’ businesses

Event Details

  • March 4-6:  Students visit Silicon Valley businesses to see what Innovation is and how its made
  • March 7:  Students pitch business plans and technology ideas in an all-day event to Silicon Valley executives and alumni at Keynote headquarters.  Best idea will be announced at the end of the event.

Join the discussion and share your thoughts with us #InspiringInnovation, and if you’ve got any questions for me, drop me a line on Twitter @Shawn_White.

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