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Keynote Mobile Testing Winter Update: Better Apps for Everyone!

By Aaron Rudger | February 13, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

As a mobile developer, have you ever felt guilty shipping code you have no clue will play nicely on Android Jelly Bean? Or might be wonky running on an iPad mini with iOS 7.1? Have you wished you could easily test your pre-commercial app on a smartphone or tablet other than your own? Well, now you can for free with Keynote Mobile Testing.

Our new, upgraded versions of Mobile Testing Free and Pro still enable on-demand manual interaction with a variety of real devices in Keynote’s testing cloud of more than 500 smartphones and tablets. Now, Mobile Testing Free users can also install and test their pre-commercial apps, in addition to mobile websites. Furthermore, Mobile Testing has a whole new look with new features that make it easier to find devices, manage your favorite ones, and even interact with more than one device at a time. Just open your browser, log in, and test away!

The importance of mobile app testing across devices

Keynote Mobile Testing Pro

Why mobile app testing is important

So you may ask, why is it important to manually interact with your app on a variety of gadgets? Of course it makes sense to automate as much testing as possible—but that does not reduce the need for eyeballing how your app appears, and exploring how it reacts to input, on a cross-section of OS’s and devices. Likewise, testing on emulators is important for earlier stages in the development process, but won’t ultimately be as accurate as seeing your app on the actual device. There is simply no replacement for knowing exactly what your customers will experience.

With the accelerated growth of mobile usage, and the high expectations of customers, the stakes for quality and performance have never been higher. But, it’s also never been easier to ensure a great customer experience. (Did we mention it’s free?) Try Keynote Mobile Testing today!

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