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This Week in Digital Performance

By Celeste Malia | July 10, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Digital Week in ReviewSummary:

The holiday traffic is upon us; Need for speed; Software-driven enterprise is on the rise; APM commands respect; Performance testing is mission critical; Don’t overtest

In Review:

  • What happens when you double or triple the traffic your website or application receives? The holiday’s are almost upon us, Tech News Today offers advice on how to load test to prevent downtime.
  • If you’re feeling the need for (website) speed, Econsultancy recommends testing throughout development to ensure success.
  • 3 years ago, 43% of businesses said that becoming a software-driven enterprise is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage, today that number is 78%, and the biggest changes are yet to come.
  • Make sure you are giving application testing the respect it deserves. Scrimping on testing by having devs do double duty on development and testing can lead to a higher chance of performance issues after deployment.
  • Now, more than ever, businesses are relying on apps to help run their business and engage consumers, and building in a performance strategy is no joke. Even airlines need to keep APM in mind.
  • Testing automation is the future. CIO reports adopting a more agile testing and development strategy can save time and lead to better apps. 
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