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The Need for Speed: Keynote Mobile Testing Now Features Appium Integration

By Aaron Rudger | June 30, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality


Mobile application developers see their world increasingly focusing in on three main areas: rapid deployment, testing and open source. As digital technologies continue to proliferate, these stand out as being not only the path to application innovation, but also efficiency. In fact, Gartner recently forecasted that the demand for enterprise mobile applications would outpace development capacity by five to one, meaning that not only are more developers needed but also better tools on hand to speed up the development process. 

In order to address the need for speed, an interesting trend has emerged in mobile app development: developers are writing and running their own functional unit tests. In other words, before new application features and builds are passed to quality assurance (QA) for testing, developers are taking more responsibility for testing themselves. This is great for identifying and eliminating defects earlier in the application lifecycle. However, when this activity is siloed from the deeper testing managed by QA, unnecessary test code is written again, inconsistent results are generated and processes are repeated, resulting in wasted time and resources. So while the demand for faster application delivery is skyrocketing, QA is working ever harder to keep pace and often the time to market is getting slower.

When developers and QA professionals operate in these silos, resource efficiency suffers, which can negatively impact the overall quality of the app and the customer experience. However, when developers and QA collaborate closely to get a release to the app store before a deadline, the overall quality and experience of an app can be dramatically improved.

In order to address this issue and bring quality assurance and development teams closer together, we have announced that our leading Keynote Mobile Testing platform now supports the Appium open source test automation framework. Available as a plugin within the platform, the new integration allows QA practitioners to leverage testing scripts created across the organization, while providing developers access to testing on any kind of physical device, including those in the Keynote Mobile Testing Cloud. Combined with the leading test automation capabilities of the Keynote Mobile Testing platform, designed to meet the demands of sophisticated functional testing and enable collaboration between teams, organizations can go to market with innovative new applications and features faster and more efficiently.

How much more adoption and engagement could your app realize with the quality and delivery velocity that can be liberated by better collaboration and processes?

Learn how you can embrace the need for speed with the new Mobile Testing Enterprise integration with Appium.

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