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Keynote Sponsors Parca’s Devil’s Slide Ride

By Eldris Estevez | June 25, 2015

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Devil's Slide RideFor the past 60 years, Parca has been enriching the lives of people with developmental disability and helping them live as independently as possible. As part of their support to clients and their families, we’re proud to announce that Keynote will be teaming up with them to host their annual Devil’s Slide Ride on July 18, 2015. Event participants have a variety of fun and challenging activities to choose from: 36-mile, 61-mile or 103-mile bike rides, mountain bike loops, trail runs, hiking dog-walking trails. We’re proud to be an executive sponsor of the event, for a fourth consecutive year.

Empowering people with developmental disabilities and their families has been a personal passion for me. There are small things that we take for granted everyday such as opening a bank account, and Parca’s programs help serve this community by giving them choices to have control over every aspect of their lives. As a board of trustee member of Parca, I’m proud that our company, Keynote continues to supports these programs and enrich the lives of others.

Through its charitable network, Parca enlisted 400 people from all over California to participate in last year’s event and this year, we look forward even more. Funds raised from this event are an essential component of Parca’s organizational annual funding and ability to provide high-quality support and services to adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Visit the registration site to join us for the Devil’s Slide Ride. The online registration will close at 2:00pm PT on Friday, July 17. However, registration on the day of the event will be open.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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