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Improving the Customer Experience with Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence

By Aaron Rudger | March 25, 2015

CATEGORIES: Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Three billion people around the world are now connected to the Internet via a mobile device. Two billion people have at least one social media account. The point? Digital channels are the new normal.

And the stakes are high: deliver these services, with a rich, seamless user experience, and drive new levels of customer engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately revenue. Fail to optimize the digital experience, and risk losing customers to those that do.

Whether it’s social widgets, like a Twitter or Facebook feed, or pop-up ads, community reviews, A/B testing, content marketing, chat—the list goes on and on, brands are increasingly integrating third-party services into their digital assets. Line of business professionals often look to introduce these capabilities to grow the business, but don’t always look to IT for support. And new tag management technologies enable this practice with greater ease and velocity. This dramatically increases the risk of failure and subpar performance, ultimately degrading the customer experience.

Which brings us to today and the launch of Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence. The latest offering in our line of digital business optimization solutions will now allow business and IT to better work together to optimize digital performance across web and mobile sites.

Digital Performance Intelligence

What’s special about Digital Performance Intelligence? It’s a unique analytics product that offers organizations the capability to improve their decision-making with real-time information on their competitive landscape and visibility to the impact that third-party services have on digital assets. With 89 percent of consumers noting that a negative customer experience directly leads them to do business with a competitor (according to a RightNow Customer Experience Impact report), and only a quarter-of-a-second delay creating competitive disadvantage online, having continuous, real-time insights into competitive performance, can make all the difference.

Digital Performance Intelligence

Keynote’s new analytics suite arms both IT and line of business digital teams with the collective data they require to achieve a sustainable competitive edge with:  

  • Comprehensive competitive benchmarking: Digital Performance Intelligence not only looks at a wide variety of performance metrics, but also does so in comparison to the competition to provide real-world business context
  • Real-time visibility: Rather than just holistic monthly or daily performance reports, Digital Performance Intelligence lets IT and business users look at insights in real-time to immediately provide answers to performance questions
  • Deeper analytics: Customers can now analyze performance like never before at every stage of the page load process across region, device type or browser to pinpoint exactly where issues occur
  • Third party content and service benchmarking: Digital Performance Intelligence highlights alternate third-party provider options when issues occur to accelerate the IT and business decision-making process with confidence.

Get in touch with us today to see how Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence can remove performance headaches and help IT and business get along like never before.

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