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Spotlighting Digital Blind Spots

By Jennifer Tejada | May 7, 2015

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Using Analytics

We recently announced the results of a study we commissioned with Forrester evaluating the state of organizations’ digital business strategies. The point? To determine how business and IT teams are executing on and evaluating the success of their digital initiatives.

Encouragingly, albeit unsurprisingly, respondents noted that the most important factor in determining the success of their digital strategy over the next 18 months was improving the customer experience (CX). And as a wide range of research has shown, that’s a smart determination. With CX set to overtake both products and price as the key brand differentiator by 2020, organizations are wise to place it at the center of their digital business transformation.

Less encouraging was the 70 percent of respondents who said they did not have the analytics capabilities to guide their digital strategy in the future. Moreover, the metrics that are being evaluated are primarily sales or business-related, as opposed to customer-centric. While such metrics from new user growth to downloads to repeat visitors are certainly valuable, if organizations are going to truly invest in the customer experience, they must shift their focus to related metrics. These can include responsiveness, latency, and even customer satisfaction ratings across digital channels.

A key component to the evaluation and decision-making process is making sure business and IT teams are aligned. Leaders in digital are working on ways to break down barriers between line of business and IT teams to ensure an organizational commitment to digital excellence centered around the customer experience. When teams have different levels of access to different metrics or are not equally involved in digital strategy, organizations risk losing out to competitors that embrace such commitment.

Here, at Keynote, we work with organizations across industries, including retail, hospitality, financial services and countless more to help equip their business and IT teams with the customer experience insights that can help drive digital success.

Ultimately, having a comprehensive strategy is just that – a strategy. Meeting the new digital mandate requires a true organization approach, driven by analytics that evaluate digital success as a measure of delivering a great customer experience.

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