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Travel Industry Embraces Mobile to Woo Summer Vacationers

By Celeste Malia | May 20, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Web Performance, Performance Analytics

Travel Industry Embraces MobileWith the summer travel season fast approaching, more people will be turning to their mobile devices to book travel reservations, including flights and accommodations. Top business performers in the travel industry know that customer-facing technologies and applications are critical to driving positive travel experiences and are planning accordingly.

According to a recent study, 80 percent of hotels plan to have a mobile app by the end of 2015 and 93 percent will have a website optimized for use on a mobile device. Similarly, 76 percent of the world’s top airlines today provide a mobile site. These tools make it convenient for travelers to explore available hotels and flights, make bookings and monitor loyalty program activity. Mobile has moved into mainstream; it is no longer a novelty or nice-to-have for any hotel or airline competing for customers. It has become a must for generating revenue and maintaining a competitive advantage.

To do this successfully, both the performance and quality of Web and mobile sites as well as apps are critical. By using real time monitoring, travel providers can track and analyze the experience of customers as they engage with digital assets like a reservation website or concierge app. More importantly, they can troubleshoot and identify areas of improvement based on the location, connection and type of device customers are using

Another key component of ensuring a seamless customer experience is mobile testing in the cloud. Dynatrace recently found that only 16 percent of users would give apps that failed to deliver a positive experience within two attempts another shot. With this in mind, as organizations make updates and release new apps, mobile testing on real devices in the cloud ensures the quality of mobile apps and sites missed by relying only on emulation technology.

Finally, analytics are critical for helping travel organizations understand the competitive landscape of online business and how performance impacts customer actions like abandonment and conversion. Real time competitive benchmarking allows organizations to see how their digital properties compare against digital alternatives across multiple dimensions.

In the digital era, making sure your customers find what they need at the moment they want it makes for a satisfying experience.  Travel organizations are wise to focus on making a customer’s trip as relaxing as possible before the white sand beaches.

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