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This Week in Digital Performance

By Celeste Malia | November 20, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Digital Week in Review


Mobile ecommerce heads to emerging markets; Millennials say sayonara to the mall; New monitoring tools for new technology; What’s next for smartphones; Defining DevOps

In Review:

  • It’s a big world out there! Mobile commerce has huge growth potential in emerging markets, but developers must design apps and mobile sites to properly serve international interests and technical capabilities, and that’s no easy feat.
  • Millennials looking to stuff their stockings are taking the hunt to mobile, with 60% reporting they’ll use their smartphone or tablet when shopping this holiday season. Are your apps ready?
  • The container and microservice revolution has created both exciting advantages as well as significant challenges for IT. In order to provide visibility into these complicated systems, a new breed of tools are necessary.
  • What comes after smartphone ubiquity? In a world where everyone has a smart device, apps will have to be more integrated and developers will have to think beyond the existing app-economy.
  • In an industry big on buzzwords, the true definition of terms can become muddled. So what actually is DevOps? In short, it’s a development approach aims to break down the segmentation to ensure greater performance and UX.
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