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Bridging the Gap of a Quality Customer Experience with Faster Time to Market

By Rachel Obstler | November 20, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Faster Time to Market 

From updated operating systems to experimenting with new functionality such as 3D Touch, mobile devices continue to iterate at a rapid pace, and consumers continue to respond positively by adopting this new technology more quickly than before. On Apple’s 9th major iOS software release, 50% of customers upgraded their devices the first week and a record 13 million new iPhones were sold during the first weekend. Apple also announced a new lease program that will presumably encourage even more customers to upgrade their devices early and often, with other major device manufacturers expected to follow suit.

This move out of early adopter territory puts tremendous pressure on app developers to keep up with the latest and greatest device technology. Gone are the days where corporations could mandate certain devices and OS versions, and limit exceptions to the elite few.

Today, developers can create both iOS and Android apps utilizing beta software made available by Google and Apple to get their new apps to market quickly, but ensuring that your applications provide a good customer experience requires more than just developing and testing on an emulator – you need to test performance, functionality and UI on real devices. So the question becomes, how do you validate these new apps on the new hardware also being launched while also ensuring that apps designed for new OS’s work with subsequent Android devices entering the market?

When an app is rolled out, it’s typically impossible to get a new device in advance of the official date it will be publicly available. Couple this with distributing these new devices to geographically diverse teams, and it becomes much more simple to rely on a device cloud provider – provided they can get new devices available fast enough to meet the demands of the user.

Keynote’s new Mobile Testing Platform can do just that. Engineered to support new hardware and new OS’s in Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere Cloud as quickly as 24 hours after launch, it enables mobile teams to test applications on real devices immediately, accelerating time-to-market without sacrificing quality. Teams can keep up with the increasingly faster pace of device and operating system cycles with confidence.

Keynote supports a wide range of testing capabilities, including automated and manual testing on devices like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus today. See how your organization can both ensure positive customer experiences without losing valuable time by signing up for our free trial.

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