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This Week in Digital Performance

By Celeste Malia | October 2, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Digital Week in Review


Avoiding Black Friday blackouts; Enterprise apps being held back; The future is in the cloud; Facebook outages elicit panic; Attempting to look into the cloud

In Review:

  • Black Friday isn’t just a nightmare for shoppers—retailers are feeling the pain too. A huge increase in web and mobile traffic can cause apps and websites to crash (Target, anyone?), but APM tools can help companies manage the holiday’s digital crowds.
  • Why aren’t we seeing even more enterprise apps? Performance issues are keeping executives from investing more in applications for their business, meaning that it’s time for something to change in the IT department.
  • Up, up, and away! With remote and mobile employees becoming the norm, the cloud will only become more vital to future workforces.
  • No one is safe from performance issues; the third Facebook crash in two weeks may not mean the end of the world as some Twitter users insisted, but it’s not good news for the social networking giant. Users are getting fed up and Facebook’s stock prices are reflecting their frustration.
  • Visibility into the cloud can get pretty hazy—but APM can help you fight through the fog. Otherwise, unidentified application performance issues reduce productivity and negatively impact revenue. 
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