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Keynote Announces Day One Mobile Testing Support for iOS 9

By Celeste Malia | September 16, 2015

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Apple iOS 9 SupportThe notion that “the customer is king” has never been more important than in the digital age. The average digital consumer is confronted with a seemingly endless number of options and resources to research a product’s reputation and past users’ experiences.

This means that users don’t have to—and won’t—accept anything but the best, and for mobile applications it all comes down to User Experience (UX). Providing an unsatisfactory UX hands over business to competitors, as 99% of mobile app users stated that they would delete an app that didn’t perform as expected, according to a recent study. And what’s more, an app’s UX is key to not only the retention of its current users, but also the potential acquisition of new ones. An unhappy customer often won’t just delete an app, but they’ll also share their frustrating experience online and warn others about the application’s poor performance.

These issues come into sharper focus with the release of iOS 9 and the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which Apple has revealed to be on track to surpass all previous iPhone launches in terms of sales. Consumers will be expecting even more from applications, and developers and quality assurance (QA) teams need to be prepared to provide excellent performance on the updated version of iOS and for the new devices.

This is where Keynote can help! We recently announced the Keynote Mobile Testing Cloud will support the newly available Apple iOS 9 for mobile websites and apps contained within the Keynote DeviceAnywhere Cloud. Keynote’s Mobile Testing Cloud will give developers the tools they need to provide a smooth transition to the new operating system with day one iOS 9 testing capabilities. Keynote will also support new Apple devices once they are generally available.

This support includes testing intelligent search features, a split screen video mode, a new interface and more. Keynote Mobile Testing for Apple iOS 9 is the ultimate tool to help developers and QA teams manage their users’ adoption of Apple’s newest products.

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