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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | April 1, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Digital Week in Review


Sacrifices are made to meet deadlines; The mobile web is still vital in many m-commerce transactions; Developers talk top mobility trends; Mobile development faces both gains and challenges in 2016; Apps give businesses an edge

In Review:

  • Under pressure: one of the biggest problems facing the app development process today is that developers are sacrificing quality or security to keep up with increasingly demanding timelines. There is a silver lining – cloud services like IaaS or PaaS may be able to help struggling developers.
  • Despite the importance placed on native apps, e-commerce businesses must remember that they need to invest in their mobile web pages as well. Many users are still going through the mobile web to make purchases on their smartphones.
  • Ask a developer about the factors affecting mobility most in 2016, and chances are they’ll mention the proliferation of development tools, the rapid app development release cycle, or IT's continued failure keep track of and manage user expectation.
  • Also shaping mobile development this year: the continued growth of apps and the mobile web, huge gains in enterprise adoption, and the continued struggle with engagement and retention.
  • Don’t fall behind the times! Enterprise apps provide an exciting business opportunity, especially as consumers are spending more of their time attached to smartphones and tablets.
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