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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | February 5, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Mobile experience insights


The Super Bowl will be a performance showdown; Developers are drowning in the digital economy; UX newbies get some advice; Containers are here to stay; DevOps adoption is still (mostly) a dream

In Review:

  • Is your mobile app ready for some fooootball?! Be sure that your mobile performance scores a touchdown while viewers are browsing their second screens during the Super Bowl.
  • Take the good with the bad: mobile app developers are more in demand with the rise of the digital economy, but they’re also feeling the pressure of rapid development and are often unable to meet both high standards and tight deadlines.
  • Veteran UX designers prove that with age comes experience, as they warn younger developers to listen to user feedback and desires, design by task rather than by device, and make sure to acknowledge and address an app's shortcomings. 
  • Not your mother’s container! Docker ushered in a new era of data centers, but the continual growth of microservices and the desire for a NAT-free solution in the future will push the technology even further.
  • Rather than being agile, businesses are staying stuck in the past. When it comes to adapting DevOps or agile development, 60 percent of those surveyed had either done nothing or were just starting to explore the possibility of changing strategies. 
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