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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | February 12, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Digital Week in Review


Beyoncé’s (web) performance was unsatisfactory; There’s a big difference between good and great; Web and mobile have different requirements; CIOs are noticing enterprise apps; Everything is connected in app delivery

In Review:

  • The one thing Beyoncé didn’t slay during the Super Bowl: her website. The diva’s digital performance couldn’t keep up with her halftime performance and failed to support the rush of traffic after she announced her upcoming world tour.
  • Strive for greatness: the difference between a good app and a great app will make all the difference in the increasingly competitive mobile landscape in 2016.
  • It may be tempting to simply move your web app to mobile, but each device requires a very different approach to development and monitoring to maintain cross-platform user experience.
  • When it comes to enterprise apps, the more the merrier! CIOs and other teams outside of IT are getting more hands-on with app development and monitoring.
  • Don’t overlook the fact that many of the major trends surrounding application delivery are interconnected, with the popularity of hybrid cloud driving the adoption of DevOps and SDN.
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