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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | February 19, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Digital Week in Review


Dating and app development have a lot in common; App testing is moving to the cloud; M-Commerce is struggling to find its footing; Employees are getting multiple enterprise apps; Businesses are still behind on mobile

In Review:

  • Businesses have to charm their users everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day. When a new user goes on a first date with an app, it has to be engaging and work flawlessly to make an impression.
  • To infinity and beyond! Cloud technologies are one of the major mobile trends for 2016, especially with mobile app testing.
  • For digital retailers looking to go mobile, building an app can feel like an unnecessary effort while users remain unsure of commerce apps and many are opting to rely on the (even less ideal) mobile web page.
  • Businesses aren’t just building one enterprise app for their employees – they’re building a whole host of applications. About half of businesses that participated in a recent survey indicated they had developed between 2 and 10 enterprise mobile apps.
  • When will business and marketing teams grow up? Their mobile strategy, that is. The lack of agility, overly segmented teams, and unsatisfactory tools are keeping companies stunted in the mobility department.
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