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This Week in Digital Performance

By Celeste Malia | January 8, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality, Performance Analytics, Web Performance

Digital Week in Review


Application performance will still be a challenge in 2016; Simplicity and expansion lie ahead for mobile; Development practices are the key to enterprise mobility; Companies still aren’t on the ball with performance; Mobile marketing pros need to address big user concerns

In Review:

  • It may be a new year, but IT is still struggling with some of the same issues that plagued them in 2015. One of the main problems: keeping up application and network performance.
  • Other things to look out for in 2016 for mobile: a continuing emphasis on enterprise mobility, a weariness of overcomplicated mobile services that could slow down the cloud, and more internal APIs and third-party partnerships.
  • Speaking of mobile-first enterprises, organizations that have successfully integrated mobile are more likely to rely on microservices, DevOps, and agile development practices.
  • Too many companies are being caught red handed when it comes to performance problems. IT continues to rely on user feedback for identifying performance issues rather than implementing tools that can preemptively identify and fix problems. 
  • Are mobile marketers asking themselves the wrong questions? In order to succeed on mobile, IT and marketing teams need to come up with solutions for high app abandonment rates and UX expectations.
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