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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | January 22, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Week in Mobile Digital Experience 


Mobile testing is keeping users happy in 2016; #Twitterdown shook the web; iOS bootcamp comes to Italy; All markets require great UX; Mobile app developers are ambitious in the New Year

In Review:

  • Why is mobile testing one of the biggest trends to look for in 2016? Just ask your users! A full testing regiment leads to higher user satisfaction.
  • Did the world come to an end during #Twitterdown or did it just feel that way? Just remember: if we can survive last year’s #Facebookdown, we can survive anything.
  • For developers hoping to say “ciao” to iOS confusion and complications, Apple is opening up a center in Italy for mobile app developers to create iOS applications and learn more about the Apple ecosystem.
  • Speaking of Italy . . . while many things will differ across international markets, mobile apps aren’t one of them, the user experience has to remain constant or developers will feel the burn.
  • Strength in numbers: when asked about their plans for 2016, 63 percent of enterprise app developers said they planned to develop five mobile apps this year and another 23 percent reported that they’ll develop six. 
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