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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | March 4, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Digital Week in Review


Load testing tests complacency; M-commerce is challenging brick-and-mortar stores; Native apps and mobile web don’t need to be opposites; CIOs set the technological tone; Performance goals keep standards high

In Review:

  • Cockiness is unbecoming amongst IT teams! Businesses need to fight complacency and continue regular load testing to ensure that their website can handle heavy traffic.
  • The desire for “shopping in my PJs” convenience, heightened app quality, and general increase of consumers’ time spent on phones and tablets all have led to significant growth of mobile commerce. Let’s hope Target is ready for this one.
  • Developers can’t keep thinking in black-and-white; though many users are spending the majority of their mobile time in apps, companies can’t view native apps and the mobile web as an either/or decision.
  • Innovation starts at the top. A great CIO is key to a more technologically advanced business, especially if they understand the importance of investing in technologies like mobile applications, DevOps, and automation. 
  • Without creating a set of standards for maintaining and measuring app performance, IT, along with security, often suffers from inconsistent processes and a lack of strategic investment.
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