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This Week in Mobile Digital Experience

By Celeste Malia | March 25, 2016

CATEGORIES: Mobile Quality

Digital Week in Review


Don’t waste money on a subpar app; It’s still difficult to gain complete insights into containers; SMBs need to go mobile; Working together makes better apps; Are you thinking about new mobile functionalities?

In Review:

  • No business is made of money! Building an enterprise app is expensive and wasting time and money on an app that doesn’t work is an unnecessary expenditure. The solution? Thorough testing will ensure that you’re not launching an app before it’s ready and will make sure the investment was worth it.
  • Though containers are giving businesses a newfound level of agility and convenience, experts agree that there are still major challenges ahead, as is the case with most new technologies. However, as this new development ecosystem continues to evolve, these challenges will find solutions.  
  • No more excuses: in 2016, mobile apps for small businesses are a must. Software development kits are making it easier for SMBs to create an app and benefit from higher mobile sales and increased brand support and engagement. 
  • How do you create a mobile app that users actually stick with, despite the fast-moving speed of technological development and the lack of incentives for maintaining brand loyalty? It’s vital to make sure all teams are working together to solve performance issues and marketing challenges.
  • Developers need to keep up to speed with the constantly evolving mobile industry and make sure their apps or websites are compatible with new features. Look out for 3D Touch, gesture controls, and mobile payments. 
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