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EdgeCast Uses Keynote Application Perspective to Ensure Competitive Performance Levels for Its Content Delivery Network


  • Maintain high service and performance levels for delivering static and streaming content by monitoring Web site performance and enabling root cause analysis of any online problems
  • Optimize performance of servers around the world
  • Support sales efforts to B2B customers by documenting performance with and without the EdgeCast service, as well as against competitors


EdgeCast offers a content delivery network (CDN) designed to allow media companies to deliver the large files of today’s rich media Internet to their customers. The EdgeCast service gives media companies their own dedicated slice of the Internet’s edge, eliminating the effort and cost of building out locations, negotiating with ISPs, worrying about load balancing and scale, or monitoring the infrastructure. The company is also able to leverage bandwidth from the top ISPs and reach the greatest population of Internet end users in every global market. Because all POPs are located in tier one data centers strategically located near primary Internet exchange points, EdgeCast customers are at the center of the global internet and milliseconds away from the vast majority of users.

Challenge: Monitor Performance for Delivering Static and Streaming Content from the Customers’ Perspective

EdgeCast officially launched its service in August of 2007 after spending an entire year building out its multi-million dollar, four-continent content delivery network with points of presence in New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, Ashburn, VA, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.

As a provider of B2B content delivery services, EdgeCast needed to ensure that it could meet its media customers’ expectations, allowing them to deliver content to their own customers with high performance. It also needed to offer service level agreements (SLAs) that guaranteed the agreed-upon service and performance levels.

Thus, EdgeCast needed to be able to monitor performance of both static Web page content and streaming media from the end user perspective from locations worldwide. However, since it did not have servers around the world specifically set up to test http service or streaming quality, EdgeCast found it difficult to gauge the stream quality and performance of its Flash Media Servers (FMS) and Windows Media Video (WMV) servers.

In addition, as it introduces its new service into the market, EdgeCast promotes the exceptional performance of its service as a key differentiator to potential customers. It needed a way to back up its claims. “We wanted a sales tool we could use to demonstrate to customers the performance of their rich media over the internet without EdgeCast technology and the improvement they would see using it,” says Phil Goldsmith, chief operating officer and senior vice president of sales at EdgeCast.


EdgeCast selected the Keynote Application Perspective® solution to monitor Web site health and resource availability within its network and the Keynote Streaming Perspective solution to measure the quality and reliability of streaming media delivery from the end user perspective. Explained Goldsmith, “With its Application Perspective and Streaming Perspective solutions, Keynote is the only company we found that does a good job monitoring performance for both standard HTTP and streaming content.”

EdgeCast uses these Keynote solutions to monitor static and dynamic Web site performance from thirteen locations worldwide. It also uses these Keynote solutions to help troubleshoot the cause of any performance problems it may encounter.


Keynote Application Perspective and Streaming Perspective solutions have enabled EdgeCast to monitor performance and troubleshoot network problems for static and streaming content delivery services. This helps it adhere to its SLAs. EdgeCast also uses these solutions to create reports to document that adherence.

EdgeCast has also been able to optimize performance for its server locations around the world by using Keynote solutions to monitor the performance of its network as it is making technical adjustments.

EdgeCast has also used these Keynote solutions to benchmark its services to assist in the sales process. Says Goldsmith, “Keynote is helpful in sales presentations because it allows us to show our performance before and after implementing EdgeCast as well as against the competition.”

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