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Case Study


Humana needed a cost-effective way to constantly test and monitor all its mobile channels from a members perspective.

Impact Highlights:

  • Humana required a solution for testing mobile apps and websites, to ensure their members’ continued, reliable access to healthcare information.
  • Humana wanted a testing environment that would enable them to test native, hybrid and HTML5 based web apps and websites.
  • Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere mobile testing platform allows Humana to implement over 150 test cases across many of the most popular mobile devices on the market today, allowing the health and well-being company to ensure their members have fast, easy access to their health records and account information, regardless of location or time.

The Challenge:

As more and more consumers rely on accessing information using mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly imperative for businesses to provide mobile-based customer support. This is especially true for health care providers, for whom fast, reliable access to account information is a crucial aspect of members care.

Humana, a Fortune-100 health and well-being company with more than 40,000 associates provides consumers and businesses with access to information via mobile channels across their various health care operations in all 50 U.S. states. Several of Humana’s mobile solutions are delivered through HTML5- based web apps, in addition to mobile websites and native mobile apps, so that the largest possible number of members could access their account information across the largest number of mobile devices.

Given the importance of the information to its members, Humana needs to ensure that the mobile apps, websites and web apps worked consistently with as little downtime as possible. That means that the company needs a cost-effective way to constantly test and monitor all its mobile channels from a member’s perspective, in order to ensure the efficacy of their mobile solutions.

The Solution: Keynote DeviceAnywhere

To guarantee that customers enjoyed continual access to information on mobile channels, Humana turned to Keynote.

With the DeviceAnywhere mobile testing platform, Humana has set up a local, dedicated testing environment to cover all of their mobile channels. The environment is designed to test their native apps, mobile websites, and hybrid HTML5 apps. With this test environment the healthcare provider can run manual and automated tests on 50 live devices, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

By using DeviceAnywhere Humana can write scripts just once and test their HTML5 web apps across all HTML5-enabled browsers and devices.

The Results: Reliable Mobile Solutions for Humana Members

When members cannot reliably access their health care information, it can become more challenging than just another customer support issue in other industries. The DeviceAnywhere mobile testing platform acts as an early-warning system so that Humana can react to issues before their members encounter them.

Members increasingly depend on their mobile devices, which is why Antonio Melo, technology manager for enterprise mobile engineering at Humana, noted, “we have focused on ensuring that information is available on the devices that our members use, and we are committed to ensuring the quality and uptime so that our customers know they will be able to access the information wherever and whenever they need it.”

A leader in healthcare, Humana leverages Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere platform to deliver leading, dependable mobile solutions for members throughout the United States.

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