Visitor Monitoring Get Ready for the Apple Watch | Keynote

Get Ready for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is coming in April and many developers are already exploring how to extend their apps and build new ones with WatchKit. Even if your mobile strategy doesn’t include wearables today, it likely will tomorrow.

As your customers adopt smartwatches, new smartphones and tablets or form-factors yet to be imagined, are you prepared to keep your apps running smoothly and reliably?

Watch the webcast to find out:

  • What lies ahead in the ever-changing world of mobile devices and operating environments
  • How to streamline your mobile development and testing processes to maximize agility
  • Why managing quality “in the cloud” can accelerate your innovation toward a wearable future

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can harness the expanding complexity in mobile to reach new customers without disappointing them. 

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