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Is Your Mobile App Ready-to-Wear?

“Wearables” is the watchword of the latest consumer tech trend, and it’s a category poised to explode. Morgan Stanley predicts that Apple will sell between 30 and 60 million Apple Watches in the first full 12 months it’s available. Health, fitness, banking, geo-information, communication, payments, all manner of notifications — the possibilities are broad and exciting. The market will soon be crowded with players trying to grab “share of wrist.”

And as is always the case, the early winners will be the biggest winners. But as is also the case, these are technologies that require testing and monitoring to ensure an outstanding user experience. The good news is that the technology is ready now to test and monitor wearable applications and notifications with Keynote’s patented technology to ensure apps’ functionality and performance.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the growth of the wearables market
  • About the benefits of using a cloud-based testing platform
  • How to test app notifications on the Samsung Gear 2

Watch to find how Keynote can give you the assurance you need to get to market first and get your “share of the wrist.”

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