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Web Performance is a KPI

About the Webcast

The web performance landscape has changed dramatically in the past six years. Mobile and social disruption has forced us to think about customers in more holistic "digital" terms, rather than as just "web visitors." New digital experience management platforms are evolving to create interactions that are unique, contextual, intimate and cross-channel. To be relevant in the digital age, monitoring web performance can no longer be viewed reactively, to avoid disruption. Now, you need to speak the language of the business as a partner. How can you persuade your peers outside of IT to perceive the value of web performance?

Watch the webcast to learn:

  • Why a holistic approach to monitoring that combines active tests with real user measurements empowers you to influence the KPIs near and dear to digital business teams
  • What are the key ingredients needed to translate insight into impact
  • How to develop compelling arguments, and persuasive visualizations to inspire performance as a requirement' and elevate the conversation

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