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    Three billion people around the world are now connected to the Internet via a mobile device. Two billion people have at least one social media account. The point? Digital channels are the new normal.


    Businesses are unambiguous about mobile. You can download more than 3 million apps available today from the iOS AppStore and Google Play. And consumers have made their intentions clear, choosing mobile over desktop for the first time ever, accounting for 55% of all ecommerce traffic on this year’s Black Friday. And while the mobile tsunami is washing in big business for many, it is overwhelming others.


    Find out what it takes to deliver dependable synthetic monitoring for today’s websites and applications.

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    Watch Aaron Rudger at Velocity Europe, where he describes the importance of performance and how it can impact key business indicators.


    Most of today’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) solutions are really Delayed User Monitoring (DUM) Systems. DUM is useful, but it’s only backward looking. It produces excellent statistics and analytics – knowing what browsers, devices and time to first paint are all very useful for future proofing your infrastructure and digital properties – but it doesn’t allow you to act in real-time. Being able to impact what is going on right now is a competitive advantage.


    Jonathan Rende, EVP of Products and Marketing, discusses performance in context and the next generation of the Performance Management Suite at Velocity Europe 2014 in Barcelona.

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    The massive adoption of iOS 8 underscores the urgency of ensuring the quality of your apps across all the various Apple devices. Don't wait! Get started with these 6 best practice tips.


    Imagine reading this article on your wrist watch. If you’re a Financial Times subscriber with a Samsung Gear S smart watch and the fastFT app, you could be doing just that — reading the latest news flashed one word at a time on your watch screen. This is one of the more benign examples of the Jetsons-like reality that is descending on us faster than we may even realize.


    Retailers should keep their eyes on pioneering developers and vendors that are evolving responsive design to reduce page load times while offering feature-rich mobile shopping.

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    Arguably the most popular episode of Star Trek is "Trouble With Tribbles" where a cuddly and seemingly benign creature stealthily multiplies and creates a huge problem for Kirk and his crew. Much like the Enterprise in Star Trek, corporate enterprises have reached a similar tipping point with the wide spread adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.


    Keynote experts explore how developers and testers can become more closely aligned with easily deployable and configurable tools such as Jenkins CI.


    Nobody knows what sweet concoction will be the moniker for Google’s newest mobile operating system, but one thing everyone does know is this: Android L will be the biggest shake-up of the OS in years, functionally and aesthetically. This ultimately will be exciting news for consumers. But for developers, it means still another layer of permutations on top of the already crazily fragmented Android ecosystem, making it more important than ever to thoroughly test apps for compatibility with the new Android L as well as your users’ other main device-OS configurations. Will your app or website display properly on phones running the new OS? Will it function properly? Will the experience live up to user expectations?

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