Website Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

From e-commerce to banking, from travel to media, improving performance has become an integral part of every digital business. Yet, very few companies have in-house performance experts or a dedicated performance optimization team. That’s where the Keynote Analytics team can help.



Keynote Insights allows you to focus on your business and leave the performance analytics to the proven experts. We’ve helped major global brands to quickly assess, understand and address performance bottlenecks. Even in the most massively complex and technically challenging operational situations, Keynote consistently helped to deliver better end-user experiences that result in better business outcomes.

With Keynote Insights you can:

  • Rely on the Keynote performance experts to measure and monitor your key business paths and drive performance improvement
  • Communicate the data more clearly
  • Focus your valuable time and resources on the key issues that bring you maximum business return
  • Get the most out of the Keynote measurement data
  • Trust Keynote, a neutral third-party, to deliver the most accurate and honest assessment of your online performance

The best way to experience the Keynote Insights service is with a proof of concept engagement.

Performance Assessments

Keynote Performance Assessment is a point-in-time analysis at your website or mobile app. We collect data on key business journeys using our synthetic measurement technology.  We perform a detailed analysis of your data and compare it to web norms and industry best practices. Then we conduct detailed root-cause analysis and propose specific recommendation for improvement.

With a Keynote Performance Assessment you can:

  • Understand what are the key issues impacting the customer experience.
  • Know exactly which components of your website (infrastructure, third party content, application, network or page content) are impacting performance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and align site performance with business expectations
  • Allocate your IT dollars cost-effectively to maximize end-user impact
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