Mobile Web Monitoring MITE

Mobile Web Monitoring Advanced Scripting (MITE)

Get the insights you need to deliver a great user experience on your mobile websites. Record and run scripts across more than 2200 emulated smartphones and tablets.




How It Works



What is Keynote MITE?
What can I do with MITE?
Why do I need Keynote MITE?
How is Keynote MITE different from other mobile test and measurement products?
What is a MITE device profile?
How does MITE simulate a mobile device?
How does MITE render the downloaded content?
Can I create a new device profile?
Can I use MITE on a Mac?
How do I start analyzing the performance of a mobile website?
How do I record a script using MITE?
What is the MITE Score?
What is the Instant Verification Test?

Use Cases

MITE is a versatile tool that can help you tackle a wide variety of challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular use cases and see why MITE is right for you.

Development Teams
The Development Challenge
Operations Teams
The Operations Challenge
QA Teams
The QA Challenge
Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Teams
The Performance Analysis Challenge
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