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Active monitoring from the end user perspective

Keynote Web Monitoring uses Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers to accurately simulate customer journeys while measuring end user experience from locations around the world.

Assure the availability and performance of your websites and APIs—even those optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With the inherent consistency and deep detail delivered by active monitoring, you can quickly diagnose root cause and repair issues at both the application and network level.

Real User Monitoring

Every visitor to your site is unique, and so is the performance they experience. Keynote Real User Monitoring reveals the performance of your site for all your visitors, no matter what device they use, or where they live.

Analyze real user performance trends to uncover hidden improvement opportunities and to correlate key user behaviors (conversion, abandonment, engagement, etc.) with page responsiveness.


Mobile Web Monitoring

Whether your mobile Web strategy is to deploy dedicated mobile-optimized sites, or use responsive web design, Keynote has your back. Effective performance monitoring requires technology that manages the unique complexities and demands of the mobile ecosystem.


Dashboards, analytics and alarms

Keynote Web Monitoring quickly triages issues only discoverable from the end user perspective, plus it enables you to fix and improve your pages, applications and infrastructure.

Look in the world’s web operation centers and you’ll find Keynote. Our dashboards, graphs, charts and notifications allows teams to instantly identify issues, find root cause, identify patterns and understand the impact of change on performance—and the business.


Flexible deployment

Understanding performance from the end user perspective helps you make every digital interaction count. Keynote makes it easy to capture that end user perspective anywhere you need it: employee offices, data centers, kiosks and more. Explore our award-winning software and hardware private agent deployment options.

Extensibility and enterprise integrations

Keynote Web Monitoring is ready to go, right from the cloud. And you can get even more value by building it into your processes and connecting it with other systems. Whether you want issues instantly assigned in your enterprise service desk, or develop custom apps against our elegant RESTful API, Keynote makes it easy to unleash your monitoring data.


Web API monitoring

Web APIs, aka Web Services, are an important way for companies to integrate 3rd party data and service providers both in the browser and in the data center. API performance can have a significant impact on user experience especially when it drives critical transactions like checkout or the delivery of customized content. Keynote Web Monitoring actually interacts with the underlying API (SOAP or REST), enabling you to test not only performance but to ensure responses conform to specific parameters, e.g. number of widgets in inventory is a number between 1 and 100. In this way you can reproduce the logic found in the actual application that consumes the API.

Transaction monitoring

Today’s modern web applications drive complex customer journeys. Shopping, banking, booking travel, tracking packages, sharing with friends…the transactions your site supports all have to work end-to-end every time.

Monitor any multi-step transaction. Analyze the performance of your entire transaction over time. See how each page contributes to the whole. Identify when individual page performance results in transaction performance spikes.

Third party monitoring and virtual pages

The Virtual Pages option for Keynote Web Monitoring allows you to monitor third party content from any web page. If your web pages consist of 3rd party content such as banners inserted by ad servers, social connectors or content from CDNs, then the ability to filter specific content from web pages and monitor it separately lets you identify poorly performing components. Virtual Pages are treated the same as any other web pages—meaning you can create graphs, reports, and alarms for them.

Connection options

Keynote’s active monitoring lets you take advantage of the largest global network of public measurement agents. Not only can you choose from hundreds of metropolitan locations, but also the connection type across numerous Internet service providers and mobile operators:

  • Backbone T1/T3
  • Last Mile High-speed Cable, DSL
  • Wireless 3G, 4G, LTE

Streaming media monitoring

Measure the quality and reliability of streaming media the way your users experience it with Keynote Web Monitoring. From connect time to rebuffer events to average bit rate and more, you get the true picture of your audio and video stream delivery. The Keynote StreamQ rating summarizes the overall user experience for your streams, identifying when frustration and abandonment typically occur over time.

Advanced scripting tools

Recording transactions for active monitoring is easy with Keynote. Our advanced tools provide point-and-click simplicity, along with power for even the most complex web apps.

KITE (Keynote Internet Testing Environment) scripts are used for monitoring desktop transactions measured by IE, Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Learn More and Download KITE

MITE (Mobile Internet Testing Environment) scripts are used for monitoring mobile Web transactions across up to 2,000 different smartphones and tablets.

Learn More and Download MITE

Why Keynote

Global Network On-Demand Precision & Accuracy Proven Expertise

The largest global cloud testing and monitoring network

Your mobile and Internet business strategy is only as strong as the data that drives it. That's why all Keynote public services run on the industry's broadest, purpose-built global test & monitoring network comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 locations around the world.


On-demand, instantly available

The Keynote Web Monitoring solution is delivered as a service and sold by subscription. No hardware, server software or application code instrumentation required. Get to data fast.

Unparalleled precision and accuracy

Pinpoint and fix performance issues before they happen with exceptional speed, precision and accuracy in real-time. Only Keynote offers the breadth of technology to accurately measure end user experience across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Expertise to take you farther

Take advantage of the world-class performance services delivered by Keynote Analytics. Distill your site and competitor performance data to empower focus for a winning digital strategy.



Keynote gives us assurance that our site is available and performing well for customers and prospects, regardless of their geographic location.
Aaron Shaffer
Web Analytics Manager
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We no longer chase false alarms. We focus on what truly impacts the customer. That’s a big win for us.
Brent Koozer
eCommerce Support Lead
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We needed a sales tool to demonstrate to prospects the performance of their rich media over the Internet with EdgeCast technology and without our technology. Keynote’s Web Monitoring is the ideal solution for measuring and monitoring performance of standard HTTP and streaming content.
Phil Goldsmith
Chief Operating Officer
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