Advanced Web Monitoring Scripting

Advanced Web Monitoring Scripting (KITE)

Test web transaction performance and record even the most complex Keynote monitoring scripts with point-and-click ease.




System Requirements

Operating System:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9, 10, or 11
  • Windows service pack prerequisites for IE
  • MSXML 4.1 SP 1 or Later
  • Flash – or Later

Hardware Requirements:

  • Computer/Processor (Recommended): Dual 1.8 GHz Pentium (P4) or better
  • Memory RAM – 512 MB (1 GB and above for better performance)


Getting started with KITE is easy. Create your free KITE account and start testing from the cloud today in three easy steps:

  • Download and launch KITE on your desktop
  • Click “Sign Up Now!” and register with your name, email address and company name
  • Click the link in your confirmation email to activate your account


What is KITE?
How does KITE differ from other tools such as sniffers, HTTP analyzers, DOM inspectors, and others?
Why would I use KITE? What can KITE tell me about my Web Application?
How do I visualize my data?
How long does Keynote store the data of the measurements?
How can I encrypt a script file? How does encryption work?
How will KITE work with my website’s cookies?
How does KITE work with my Browser’s User Agent String?
How do I test from Keynote’s Global Network?
How do I record a script using KITE?
What are the differences between ApP and TxP?
When should I use ApP (Emulated Browser) to record a test script?
When should I use TxP (Internet Explorer or Firefox) to record a test script?
What are the advantages of testing from Keynote’s Global test and Measurement Network versus testing from my desktop?
How do I decide what to include in a script that I record?
How do I upload a script for testing on the Keynote network?
Can KITE handle Web pages containing forms, Flash, Silverlight, AJAX, secure login, etc.?
What is a Keynote Global Test and Measurement Network?
How do I use KITE to separate third-party content performance from my own?
How can I share script details quickly with team members?
How can I get greater control and visibility in recording windows?
How can I display more Columns of Data with your Choice of Scroll to View or Auto-Fit?
How do I display all columns of data for a single page element?
I can't install KITE. What's wrong?
How do I uninstall KITE?
Where can I suggest feature enhancements?
How do I create deep diagnostic probes?
How do I get Visual Help for Issue Triage and Script Development?
How can I Group by Multiple (Nested) Groups?
What is the difference between a simulated mouse click and an actual mouse click?
How do I disable the KITE Script Repository?
How do I add validation to my script?
How do I automate tests from my desktop using KITE?
What information do you send to your servers from my computer?
Why do I need to register for a free account to use KITE?
How does the KITE help system work?
How do I save my Workspace layout?
What is the minimum system requirement for the KITE to work on my desktop?
Do you have plans to make KITE work on other operating systems?
How do I get visibility “inside the black box” of Flash and Silverlight objects?
Do I need Administrator privileges on my computer in order to install KITE?
Can I install KITE from a network drive?
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