Web Monitoring

The most comprehensive, accurate, and actionable website performance monitoring and analytics solution for contemporary sites and cloud services, including web application monitoring.

Website Monitoring Types

Dynatrace offers a broad range of website monitoring software options for a comprehensive view of performance from your customers' perspective—across all your web properties and every screen.


Synthetic Monitoring

Dynatrace Web Monitoring uses Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers to accurately simulate customers' journeys while measuring end user experience from locations around the world.


Real User Monitoring

Every visitor to your site is unique, and so is the performance they experience. Reveal the performance of your site for all your visitors, no matter what device they use, or where they live.


Mobile Web Monitoring

Whether your mobile web strategy is to deploy dedicated mobile-optimized sites, or use responsive web design, we have your back.


Web API Monitoring

Web APIs, aka Web Services, can bring huge benefits to you and your customers, integrating third party data and services directly into your web and mobile applications.


Transaction Monitoring

Today’s contemporary web applications drive complex customer journeys. Shopping, banking, booking travel, tracking packages, sharing with friends…the transactions your site supports all have to work end-to-end every time.


Third Party Monitoring

Monitor third party content from any web page. If your site includes third party content—such as banners inserted by ad servers, social connectors, or content from CDNs—then the ability to filter specific content and monitor it separately lets you identify poorly performing components.

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SaaS Application Monitoring

Get proactive about the way you manage Salesforce, Office 365, Netsuite, Concur or any other SaaS application.


It is easy to get started with Dynatrace's website monitoring software and apply it to meet all your business needs.

Global Network

Global Network

Your mobile and Internet business strategy is only as strong as the data that drives it. That's why all our public services run on the industry's broadest, purpose-built global test and monitoring network.


Deployment Flexibility

The website monitoring solution is delivered as a service and sold by subscription. No hardware, server software or application code instrumentation is required, so you can get to data fast.


Enterprise Integrations

Dynatrace Website Monitoring is ready to go, right from the cloud. And you can get even more value by building it into your processes and connecting it with other systems.


Connection Options

Active monitoring lets you take advantage of the largest global network of public measurement agents.

Performance Analytics

Gain deeper understanding of your performance with an intuitive and informative analytics interface. Instantly identify issues, find root cause, identify patterns and understand the impact on your operations.


Global Dashboards

With Dynatrace’s website performance monitoring, all of your performance measurements are easily understandable and actionable in a single dashboard.


Intelligent Graphing

Dynatrace’s analytics platform is purpose-built for identifying issues and delivering performance insights.


Waterfall Reports

At the heart of each and every measurement is a waterfall report. Drill down into the measurement details and gain understanding about the exact locations of performance bottlenecks.


Smart Alarms

Make sure you are always aware of performance issues as they arise with a flexible alerting engine.

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