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Testing FPO

Real device testing and monitoring

When it comes to on-device applications and websites, there is no substitute for real device testing and monitoring. Keynote’s mobile testing solutions let you test any aspect of your mobile application or website properties on real mobile devices. Because you are testing and monitoring on real devices, you get real results – frame by frame.

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Testing FPO

Comprehensive device coverage

Our device library contains many popular smartphones and tablets. If you need a device, chances are we have it. Test any native or hybrid application on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.


Not sure which devices to start testing on? Check out our device planner – a free tool for helping you optimize your device testing strategy.

Real carrier networks

Access real mobile networks so you can see how content renders when it's downloaded as a real user would. You can also access carrier/operator specific content and test all features of a connected device.

Real mobile browsers

Test your mobile website on any mobile browser including all of the most popular including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Every test performed is run on a real browser on a real mobile device.

DeviceAnywhere Studio

Easy and intuitive UI

Keynote’s mobile testing and mobile app monitoring solutions are supported by Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere Studio - an easy to use, downloadable java-based client. Ideal for companies who are seeking a secure environment to perform their testing and monitoring of their applications and services.

Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

For unprecedented flexibility and customization options, we offer our own Java API .

Testing FPO

Mobile testing expertise

The Keynote Professional Services team can provide automated script writing services to help you get up and running faster. You'll get a scripting framework that internal resources can easily build upon. Additional training for your specific use cases is also available to help you get the most ROI out of the system.


Advanced scripting Object scripting Native app scripting Hybrid app scripting Mobile web scripting

Advanced scripting

Our mobile testing solution provides flexible scripting that enables your entire organization to build test scripts that work across multiple devices for faster test automation. We support object level including native, web, text, and image. Quickly develop scripts using our GUI-based commands, Java API, other test framework including HP UFT, IBM Rational, Selenium, or direct support with Jenkins for continuous integration.

Easy object scripting & recording

  • Simply drag and drop command to launch or close application.
  • Identify objects based on class name or text.
  • Click directly on objects in editor, or identify via class path in Object Tree navigation.
  • Data sets fully supported to parameterize scripts.

Object-level scripting for native applications

Easily and quickly build one script that works across all devices on a given platform.

Keynote’s mobile testing solution delivers the same scripting resilience and portability for native apps as well as helps you to increase the time and costs savings that comes with test automation allowing you to do more with same test assets.

Object-level scripting for hybrid applications

Combining native object and web object scripting

Hybrid applications are very popular in mobile because they provide the feature rich characteristics and performance of a native app with the ubiquity and adaptability of a web application. When it comes to automating tests for hybrid applications, you need a tool capable of recording no matter how your app is built.

Mobile web scripting

Object-level scripting for mobile web

Web object-level scripting lets you create highly robust tests that operate on web elements that are not sensitive to UI changes. With Keynote’s web commands, you will save scripting time by writing one script that works across devices, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Test in any browser, whether native to the device or not.

Web object-level scripting enables you to take advantage of powerful, time-saving tools such as the WebForm and the OpenBrowser commands to speed automation execution. You get full access to DOM, both real-time and in results, to analyze issues.


HP IBM SAP Java API Jenkins Selenium

Integration with HP Unified Functional Testing

An HP-certified integration extending the capabilities of the HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) client application, enabling users to test mobile applications or websites on real mobile devices. Test status and result links are passed back and stored within UFT for auditability and reference.


Integration with IBM Rational

An IBM-certified integration designed to extend real device testing capabilities to RQM leveraging Keynote’s mobile testing solution in a seamless and secure manner. Script details and options are available inside the standard RQM web interface, allowing the tester full control over the execution variables and desired tests.


End-to-end business process testing integration for SAP

Perform end-to-end business process testing on real mobile devices. Companies using SAP and Worksoft Certify, who are looking to extend their business process testing capabilities to mobile, gain the advantage of being able to create comprehensive, end-to-end tests scenarios to cover web, mobile and SAP backend testing, without any step order or grouping limitations.


Java API

Get endless integration options with our Java API. Interact directly with Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere Cloud of devices through a powerful Java interface.

Containing the underlying code for all functionality built into the Keynote’s mobile testing UI (DeviceAnywhere Studio), the API contains all the classes and methods to support individual device commands, as well as call into automation scripts.


Integration with Jenkins

Perform automated build acceptance tests (BATs) and continuous integration on real mobile devices from within the popular Jenkins build management platform. With Keynote’s integration with Jenkins you can upload your apps automatically increasing productivity and streamlining the testing process.


Integration with Selenium

Seamlessly run your existing Selenium scripts on real mobile Android devices. Users can utilize existing desktop web scripts for supporting responsive or adaptive design websites – extending testing easily to mobile with no additional work.


Device List

View which devices Keynote currently supports and is in our DeviceAnywhere Cloud. Check back often as the list changes as we add more devices.

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Device Planner

Not sure which devices to start testing on? Check out our device planner – a free tool for helping you optimize your device testing strategy.

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If you have questions, we have answers. Check out our FAQs where we address many of the common or detailed questions collected from real users.

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