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Device Plannerâ„¢

Device Planner enables users to analyze and assess the best devices and mobile operating systems for their mobile content and services based on target audience, performance requirements and market coverage.

This tool provides customized recommendations regarding which devices and platforms to support helping to optimize test plans before beginning your app development. This ensures that all apps are optimized on the right devices and the right platforms to maximize reach with your target audience.

Target the right devices and platforms for your mobile app or website in 3 easy steps!


  • Detailed market coverage maps provides current and estimated market share data for each OS and device attribute.
  • Generates a list of devices automatically based on coverage criteria: memory, CPU, manufacturers, OS version,    carrier, etc.
  • Supplement DeviceAnywhere market data with your own analytics data.
  • Detailed database of features by device and operating system.
  • Maps to key attributes important to the functionality and performance of your mobile app.
  • Easy-to-use Wizard to help you quickly determine which devices to prioritize for development and testing.

How it Works

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