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If you have questions, we have answers. Find many of the common or detailed questions collected from real users.


Why is remote access to mobile devices useful?

By providing remote access to real devices on live networks you no longer need to be "in-market" to validate your mobile apps and websites. You also realize huge cost savings, get your products to market faster, and expand your market reach by addressing networks outside your immediate geography.

What can I do with these remotely accessible devices?

SIGOS Mobile Testing, powered by DeviceAnywhere is built on our patented Direct-to-Device® technology which allows testers to remotely interact and control every aspect of the device including pressing handset buttons, viewing displays, listening to ringers and tones, playing videos, swiping touch screens, muting, powering on/off, downloading/installing apps, and sending/ receiving messages. Any action that can be performed on a mobile device in-hand can be done on this platform.

Is my Intellectual Property protected?

We take IP very seriously. While you are using a device, no one is able to see your device’s screen, except for users on your account that you have expressly invited to share your screen. Further, SIGOS Mobile Testing executes automated cleanup scripts that clean the device at the end of each session. These scripts “wash” the device, deleting all downloaded or installed applications, clearing the browser cache, and removing other usage footprints like text and/or picture messages. Note however, that protection of your organization’s IP is ultimately your responsibility. Therefore, if there is particularly sensitive material that you are testing, best practice is for you to remove this material from the device before releasing the device.

What if you don't have the mobile device that I want? Can I request a new one?

Yes. We are constantly adding new devices and expanding our mobile testing service allowing you to test your mobile app on all mobile devices/tablets and networks. To request a device, simply login to our customer support portal and submit a ticket.

How do I request a trial of SIGOS Mobile Testing?

SIGOS Mobile Testing is available as an online service for manual testing of mobile apps and websites.  You can easily start a free 7 day trial.


Can I make voice and data calls?

Yes. Each device is equipped with a full voice and data plan, so you can utilize all available network services. We ensure devices are hosted in areas of reliable RF coverage to eliminate issues of bad radio reception. Additional usage fees apply for premium content (e.g. paid game or ringtone downloads, premium SMS services, etc).

Can I install my pre-commercial applications on the devices for testing?

You can either download your applications over the air (OTA) or, if the device supports it, using a data cable.

Can I save screenshots and test results?

Individual screens or groups of screens can be saved and are accessed through the 'My DeviceAnywhere' interface as part of the SIGOS Mobile Testing solution. These results will remain available to you for as long as you are SIGOS customer. You can also save frames or generate an MPEG4 movie of your device interaction, which you can use outside of the SIGOS-Keynote environment. Lastly, you can generate URLs that go directly to your test results; these URLs can be safely emailed around.

Does SIGOS Mobile Testing capture audio and visual?

Yes. We capture up to 15 frames per second and store it frame-by-frame to make it easy for you to locate and annotate problem areas. Please note that we do not save audio separately – the only way to preserve an audio stream is to export the results into an MPEG4 movie.

Can multiple people use the same device at once?

No. This is a real device so only one user at a time can control it. However, if you would like other members of your team (provided they are included in your DeviceAnywhere account) to be able to view the screen of the device you are using, you can share your screen with them. No one can see the device that you are working with unless you have explicitly invited them to view it with you.

Can I take a picture?

Yes. Many of our devices are equipped with clocks in the view of the camera, so that you can use the camera functionality.


Do you have live technical support? Can I get 24x7 support?

We do have live technical support as well as online support. You can reach us at +1(650)403-2450 24x5, PST. We also offer 24X7 online support via the SIGOS-Keynote 'Support Central' portal. Simply login and submit a ticket. Our support team will respond in a timely manner, within 24 hours.

How do I report a problem?

There are multiple ways. From within DeviceAnywhere, you can click on the 'Report Issue' link by right-clicking on the device or click on ‘Help’ from the upper left navigation. This route will log you in to our ‘Support Central’ portal and allow you to submit a ticket. You can also get access to the portal here. You can also reach us by contacting us at +1(650) 403-2450.

What resources and training are available?

In addition to our online support portal, there are many training resources available to users. We also provide documentation with everything you need to know about using SIGOS Mobile Testing, which you can access inside the SIGOS Mobile Testing application - DeviceAnywhere Studio, under ‘Test Center’ then ‘Getting Started.’ You will see the list of available documents on the right side of this window. In addition, you will have an account manager who can always be contacted if you experience any problems.

Help! I can't seem to sign up!

Occasionally, new subscribers experience problems trying to sign up from international locations. This is usually due to firewalls, pop-up blockers, and other Internet security measures. If you continue to have problems, just give us a call at +1(650)403-2451, and we'll take care of it immediately.

What if the device I want to use is taken?

We usually have several devices of our most popular models available in SIGOS Mobile Testing. If none of the devices for the model you require are available, you can either wait for the device – in which case you will be in queue and will get notified when the device is free – or you can make a reservation to use it at a later time; users with reservations have priority.

Using SIGOS Mobile Testing

How does it all happen? How do I connect to a device?

When you log into your SIGOS Mobile Testing/DeviceAnywhere account for the first time, click on the "Launch DeviceAnywhere Studio" link in the upper right-hand corner of the SIGOS-Keynote Web page. An automatic download of our JAVA Swing desktop client - DeviceAnywhere Studio, will then begin. DeviceAnywhere Studio is the primary interface for controlling and accessing the devices in SIGOS Mobile Testing.

How will you notify me of software updates?

As our primary application, DeviceAnywhere Studio, is a Java Swing application. A revision check is done each time it is launched in order to make sure you are working with the very latest version of our software.

Can I make advance device reservations?

Yes. We strongly encourage making advance device reservations using our built-in reservation system. That way, you are guaranteed device availability at the time that is most convenient or critical for you. You can always access any available device without a reservation on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that users with advance reservations have a higher priority than "walk-in" users.

I've heard you mention collaboration. How do you facilitate that?

We believe that mobile development is a highly collaborative process with multiple groups within an organization (QA, development, marketing) and multiple companies (developers, porting companies, consulting companies, testing companies, and publishers) working together to launch products. As such, SIGOS Mobile Testing provides several collaboration features to facilitate this process, including the ability to export one or multiple frames into a Web repository, export movie clips from device activity to show collaborators actual application and device behavior, and share a device session with multiple collaborators.

What if I want a device that is dedicated to my company, so no one else can use it?

We can support this. You send us the device that you want and we will integrate it and set it up in a dedicated environment for your use. SIGOS can support any device model and can deploy in any location around the world. Contact us at +1(650) 403-2451 for more details on this option.


What is the difference between “Pro” and “Enterprise”?

Keynote Mobile Testing Pro edition is our solution for manually testing mobile apps and websites. It is sold with four options including by project, monthly, annual, and unlimited. The Pro edition has both a SaaS cloud version and private cloud option. Keynote Mobile Testing Enterprise edition is our solution for regression testing mobile apps or websites, essentially enabling you to perform the same manual test cases within an automated fomat via text, image, and object level recognition. Our Enterprise edition is only sold within a private cloud, giving you the security you need behind your firewall or dedicated infrastructure. As a secondary option, we can host a private cloud for you to avoid asset management.

NOTE: Package access is only required for the ‘Pro’ version sold by project, monthly, or annual.

What is a “Package”?

A “Package” is a set of mobile devices or other devices (such as tablets, set-top box, navigation, etc) grouped together, based on a common network, manufacturer, or other characteristic. For example, mobile devices on the Verizon network are grouped into the ‘Verizon’ package;  ‘AT&T’ devices are grouped into the ‘AT&T’ package. There are even packages for building iOS and Android apps on mobile devices and tablets. You can choose which packages to subscribe to based on which networks, manufacturers, or other characteristics of devices you want to deploy your mobile applications to.

See a list of available packages and devices contained in each package.

What are “Device Hours”?

Device Hours translate to usage of time on mobile devices and time spent performing mobile testing on devices on Keynote Mobile Testing, powered by DeviceAnywhere. You may use your Device Hours across all devices and packages that you have subscribed to. Your monthly invoice will provide a detailed breakdown of your hourly usage with “by-package” detail. Only the time you actually engage a device (i.e. the device is acquired by you) is counted against your Device Hours, accrued in 6 minute increments (or 1/10th of an hour). Note that you must release acquired devices to stop accrual; otherwise the system will automatically release the device after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Do I need to sign up for Device Hours?

For our Pro edition, you need to subscribe for a minimum of 10 Device Hours.

Signing up for more hours provides the advantage of lower hourly rates. You may of course use devices for any number of hours beyond your hourly subscription; additional hours will be billed at the same hourly rate as your subscription.

We also have 2 other options including project based and annual which include purchasing hours.

As an alternative we do offer an ‘unlimited’ version in which no hours are required to be purchased.

What happens if I sign up in the middle of the month?

Our billing cycles run along calendar months, i.e. from the first of the month to the end of the month. If you first subscribe in the middle of a month, your package and hourly subscription fees for that first month will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the month.

Can I change my Device Package or Device Hours subscriptions?

You may add packages at any time; the package fee for the first month will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the month. You may cancel a package subscription at any time; however, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of the current month. Note: this means that you must cancel any packages you do not want by Midnight PST on the last day of the month.

You may change your monthly Device Hours up until the 10th of the month. After the 10th, any hourly subscription changes will go into effect for the next calendar month.

NOTE: Device Package access is only required for the ‘Pro’ version sold by project, monthly, or annual.

What happens to unused monthly hours?

Device hours do not roll-over across calendar month boundaries; your monthly hours will expire at the end of each month.

When will I be billed?

If you have the ‘Pro’ version with either project or monthly option, your subscription will automatically renew each month with the same packages and hours as the previous month. You will be billed by the 5th of each month for the past month’s subscriptions and additional charges (i.e. hourly usage in excess of your hourly subscription).

If you have the annual option your hours will be billed once annually based on usage.

I’ve noticed that you offer the option to pay in different currencies. How does that work? Can I change the currency that I am paying in?

We offer the ability to pay in Dollars (U.S.), Euros and Pounds. The prices are set in these currencies and do not fluctuate; the listed price is the price you will pay each month regardless of exchange rates.

New customers must choose their currency when they first subscribe to Keynote Mobile Testing. Existing customers who signed up before this option was launched will have a one-time allowance to change their currency. Please contact us if you would like to switch to a different currency.

Are there any other charges associated with the system? Is airtime billed?

Our mobile devices are equipped with unlimited data service plans, and airtime is not charged. However, premium service charges you incur while using the devices, e.g. due to downloading a non-free game or ring-tone, will be passed through to you.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due immediately upon receipt of your monthly bill. Please note that if payment is not received within 45 days, Keynote may disable your account.

Can my subscription be used by other employees of my company, or outside contractors?

Yes. An unlimited number of user accounts may be created; there is no limit on users or simultaneous usage. Remember, however, that you are responsible for any charges incurred by users on your account.

How do I unsubscribe?

If at any point you want to cancel a Keynote Mobile Testing subscription, you can make an unsubscribe request by visiting the MyAccount tab in your DeviceAnywhere account and selecting the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the page. You may also contact us directly.

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