User-centric external load testing

The only way to prove that your production infrastructure is ready for external traffic is to test it with external traffic. Keynote has saved enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars by demonstrating that a simple configuration change can increase capacity without adding additional hardware.

External testing alone is not enough. The key is Keynote’s exclusive user behavior modeling which generates thousands of unique user behaviors per test, each one reacting dynamically to conditions it encounters as the test is underway.

Accurate, realistic external load. Without it, you risk catastrophic failures caused by something as simple as a firewall or load balancer mis-configuration.

Diversity on a massive scale

Keynote’s exclusive user behavior modeling generates thousands or hundreds of thousands of unique users per test, each one reacting dynamically to conditions it encounters as the test is underway.

Exclusive user abandonment feature

Test users who encounter errors or slow pages accumulate frustration as “dissatisfiers”. Just as in the real world, when a user reaches their frustration threshold, they abandon your site, failing to convert into revenue.

Monitor the cost of abandonment in real-time and use the data to make fact-based decisions about capacity investments.

Uniquely realistic arrival rate load

Keynote's Arrival Rate behaves the way real users do: users start new sessions on their own schedule, regardless of how long existing sessions are taking to complete.

Other solutions recycle a pool of concurrent users at each load level; if your site slows down, fewer sessions start and they start further apart.

Arrival Rate begins new sessions at the targeted rate no matter how fast or slow your site performs. The result? Greater confidence that your site can handle more users taking longer to complete sessions when revenue is on the line.

Accurate mobile load testing

Keynote’s mobile load testing combines realistic delivery of user demand with the industry’s most accurate mobile performance monitoring, based on DeviceAnywhere technology.

You’ll finally be able to create peak load and observe the impact on real devices and carrier networks.

Event-focused load testing

Whether you are preparing your website for Black Friday, the Superbowl, or any other event, being able to perform readiness testing on your production infrastructure is critical to preventing an outage and directly impacting revenue.

Year round load testing

Discover hidden performance issues within your application and infrastructure architecture year round. Functional testing and lab-based performance testing have their place, but only full-scale load testing from the outside-in can rule out catastrophic performance regressions when changes to application or infrastructure are made.

Test results reporting

Detailed post-test performance reports can be shared with colleagues just minutes after every test.

Optional executive presentations produced by your Keynote consultant provide unbiased, objective data to support rational investment decisions based on quantifiable ROI.

Why Keynote

Global Network Proven Expertise PEACE OF MIND Test Coverage

The largest global cloud testing and monitoring network

Purpose-built systems drive load to your site and monitor performance from around the world. The entire solution is 100% cloud-based with no download, installation or maintenance required.

Seasoned professional expertise

Our consultants have an average of 8 years experience in performance testing. As experts in their field, you can be confident the right questions have been asked and the right tests run. Rely on the Keynote professional services team, and focus on what you do best—serving your customers.

SaaS + expert consulting = peace of mind

Keynote provides all test planning, script development, reporting and initial test runs leveraging the Keynote load testing platform. Our self-service option allows you to configure and run your own tests on demand, leveraging the same test packages previously created for you by our consultants.

Efficient test coverage

Highly prioritized paths are tested under varying load levels to evaluate capacity, endurance and the ability to handle large traffic surges, while lower-priority paths are tested using a random “walk” technique.

Randomization of lower-priority paths provides greater test coverage without requiring scripting for each individual path.

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