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Load Testing

Load Testing

Be confident you are ready for any event. Keynote delivers high-volume user traffic on-demand, accurately modeling the interaction, arrival patterns and geographic diversity of real users. Monitor the cost of abandonment in real-time and use the data to make fact-based decisions about capacity investments.


User-Centric Load Testing

Make sure your production infrastructure is ready for your next high-traffic event. Keynote delivers external traffic that most accurately represents real user behavior.

Behavior Modeling

Keynote’s exclusive user behavior modeling delivers test traffic that intelligently acts like real-world visitors to your site, ensuring your site will be ready for any big event.

Rapid Deployment & Expertise

From the most pressing event-focused deadlines to ongoing testing, Keynote experts can help you quickly set up and execute an external testing plan.

Featured Customers

Keynote has invested infrastructure, processes and training for deploying properly distributed load tests across our Akamai platform. Only a handful of load testing providers recognize that all major e-Commerce customers use a CDN provider and cloud solutions, and therefore a proper load test also needs a true cloud strategy. Keynote is one of these top providers and helped Akamai pioneer the strategy several years ago.
Akamai logo Jessica McPeake
Director for Akamai’s Commerce Services Team
The flexibility and partnership Keynote provided helped us ensure that we were successful in launching our site on time. Their consultants have been very good in terms of knowledge, skills and competency. They have given us a level of insight and visibility into different parts of our site that we can’t get from any other source.
BJs Wholesale logo Shamim Mohammad
Vice President of Information Technology
Keynote provided a complete service solution that helped us test all aspects of our site’s performance.
Karma Loop Joseph Finsterwald
Chief Technology Officer
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