Load Testing

Be confident you are ready for any event. Website load testing is implemented from the user perspective, delivers high-volume user traffic on-demand, accurately modeling the interaction, arrival patterns, and geographic diversity of real users. Monitor the cost of abandonment in real-time and use the data to make fact-based decisions about capacity investments.

User-Centric Load Testing

Make sure your production infrastructure is ready for your next high-traffic event. Dynatrace website load testing delivers external traffic that most accurately represents real user behavior.

Global Network

Global Testing Network

Our purpose-built, global testing infrastructure drives realistically modeled traffic load to your site from points around the world and monitors performance in real-time.


External Load Testing

The only way to prove that your infrastructure is ready for external traffic is to test it with external traffic. Otherwise, you risk catastrophic failures caused by something as simple as an incorrectly configured firewall or load balancer.

Mobile Devices

Real Mobile Devices

Dynatrace combines realistic delivery of mobile device user demand with the industry’s most accurate mobile performance monitoring.

Behavior Modeling

Our exclusive user behavior modeling delivers test traffic that intelligently acts like real world visitors to your site, ensuring your site will be ready for any big event.


Dynamic Diversity on a Massive Scale

Our exclusive user behavior modeling can generate hundreds of thousands of unique users per test, each one reacting dynamically to conditions it encounters as the web load testing is underway—just like a real site visitor would.


Exclusive User Abandonment Feature

Test users who encounter errors or slow pages become frustrated, turning into “dissatisfiers.” Just as in the real world, when a user reaches their frustration threshold, they abandon your site, failing to convert into revenue.


Realistic Arrival Rate Load

Our arrival rate behaves the way real users do: starting new sessions on their own schedule, regardless of how long existing sessions are taking to complete.


Efficient Test Coverage

Highly prioritized paths are tested under varying load levels to evaluate capacity, endurance, and the ability to handle large traffic surges, while lower-priority paths are tested using a random “walk” technique.

Rapid Deployment & Expertise

From the most pressing event-focused deadlines to ongoing testing, Dynatrace experts can help you quickly set up and execute an external testing plan.


Proven Professional Expertise

Dynatrace consultants have years of proven experience in performance testing. They provide all test planning, script development, reporting, and initial test runs leveraging the platform.


Event-Focused Load Testing

Whether you are preparing your website for Black Friday, the Super Bowl, or any other event, being able to perform readiness testing on your production infrastructure is critical to preventing an outage that directly impacts revenue.


Year Round Testing

Discover hidden performance issues within your application and infrastructure architecture year round.

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