SAP Mobile Secure Integration

Integration with SAP

Test your mobile apps from within the SAP® Mobile Secure platform on a wide array of real smartphones and tablets in the Keynote DeviceAnywhere cloud.

Agile Mobile Testing

Reliable, efficient mobile app testing is critical for today’s agile development teams to effectively and quickly deploy enterprise-grade and consumer apps.

The explosion of apps across mobile devices and operating systems is providing more choice to customers than ever before. Coupled with the growing demand for superior end user experiences, developers face the challenge of not only shortening application lifecycles, but also ensuring that apps work seamlessly across devices to delight customers.

The Keynote Mobile Testing integration for SAP Mobile Secure is a cloud-based solution that helps today’s agile enterprise to easily test mobile apps in the cloud with no additional installment or management necessary.

Mobile Testing


Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Click-to-test allows you to easily run functional tests of mobile apps on devices in the Keynote DeviceAnywhere Cloud from within the SAP Mobile Secure environment.
Device Library

Comprehensive Device Library

Test your apps on the industry’s largest library of cloud based interactive smartphones and tablets.
Speed Delivery

Speed Delivery

Deliver high-quality and cutting-edge mobile applications by quickly testing on target device types.

Get Started

Trial and licensed SAP customers can now access a 30-day free trial period of Keynote Mobile Testing directly within SAP Mobile Secure. Under the Manage Apps tab, simply click the Actions icon on your app and select the Launch on Device Cloud option.

SAP Screenshot 

You can also contact us to learn more about advanced mobile testing features not available in the free trial.

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