Interactions Worksoft

Integration with Worksoft Certify

Integrate Keynote Mobile Testing with Worksoft Certify to perform end-to-end business process testing on real mobile devices in the DeviceAnywhere Cloud.


End-to-End Testing


  • Leverage existing test assets and infrastructure while extending capabilities to mobile.
  • Easily port test scripts from desktop to mobile versions of Web applications.
  • Take advantage of fully integrated user interface and reporting.
  • Access live mobile devices on real networks – via the cloud or a dedicated environment. Keynote’s real device network is built on patented Direct-to-Device® technology, giving users a real testing environment with real results.
  • Mobile test automation capabilities accessible from Worksoft Certify in order to manage testing in one central point.
  • Online, real-time collaboration capabilities, which facilitates the replication of issues/bugs and speeds up fixes.
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