Keynote Agent Location/Carrier Changes

Keynote maintains the world's largest and most accurate globally distributed Web Performance and Mobile Quality test and measurement network. We continue to grow and make changes to this network to best reflect local market conditions, end-user connectivity, and our customer's needs. When changes become necessary, we strive to keep our customers fully apprised of what is happening and how they could be affected.

Keynote is finalizing plans for a number of enhancements to our global web monitoring network. There will be new locations, a consolidation of carriers in some locations, and elimination of some locations altogether. Please see the table below for an up-to-date list of the planned changes. Mouse-over the icon in the "Details" column to get additional details on the move including expected downtime, impacted agents IDs, IP address blocks, and more. We will regularly update the table below and we recommend that interested customers check this page every Monday morning (Pacific Time) to get the most up-to-date information.

Agent Location/Carrier Changes In Progress

Current Agent Location Most Likely Alternative Services Impacted Effective Date Details
Sydney Datacenter move – IP address change ApP, TxP, MWP, Last Mile 28-29 July 2015

Agent Location/Carrier Changes Completed

Current Agent Location Most Likely Alternative Services Impacted Effective Date Details
Amsterdam NTT TsP London Cogent TsP Test Perspective 6-Feb-2014
Amsterdam Verizon Amsterdam Colt ApP, TxP, MWP, Last Mile 27-Mar 2014
Beijing Unicom This agent will no longer be changing      
Berlin Level3 Berlin Interoute ApP, TxP 24-Apr-2014
Berlin Vodafone DSL Berlin Interoute DSL Last Mile 24-Apr-2014
Calgary Telus Calgary Shaw ApP, TxP, MWP, Last Mile 19-Feb-2014
Chicago Savvis Chicago CenturyLink (renaming only) ApP, MWP, TxP, Streaming 30-Apr-2014
Dallas AT&T Dallas CenturyLink ApP, TxP 24-Apr-2014
Denver CenturyLink No Move ApP, TxP, MWP No Move
Detroit Level3 This agent will no longer be changing      
Frankfurt Telefonica This agent will no longer be changing ApP, TxP, StrP  
Frankfurt Verizon Frankfurt DTAG ApP, TxP 30-Dec-2013
Frankfurt Verizon DSL Frankfurt Interoute DSL Last Mile 12-May-2014
Geneva Swisscom Physical move to new data center ApP TxP MWP LastMile August 20, 2014
Guangzhou ChinaTel Hong Kong PCCW ApP, TxP, MWP 30-Dec-2013
Houston Level3 Houston Cogent ApP, TxP 11-Feb-2014
Houston Earthlink DSL Houston AT&T DSL Last Mile 11-Feb-2014
Kuala Lumpur TM No change, scheduled downtime only ApP TxP MWP 12-Apr-2014
Lisbon Telepac Lisbon Portugal Telecom ApP, TxP, MWP 9-Apr-15
London BT Physical move to new data center ApP TxP 6-Jan- 2015
London BT LastMile DSL Datacenter move – IP address change Last Mile 18-Dec-2014
London C&W Leeds Level3 ApP TxP MWP July 30, 2014
London C&W London Level3 StrP July 31, 2014
London Level3 London Zayo ApP TxP MWP Streaming MDP Week of Oct 20
London Mobile Physical move to new data center All London Mobile Week of Oct 20
London Mobile Device Maintenance DA July 23 and 24, 2014
London Verizon London BT ApP, TxP 30-Dec-2013
Los Angeles CenturyLink Los Angeles Cogent ApP, StrP 30-Dec-2013
Melbourne Optus This agent will no longer be changing      
Milan BT Italia Milan Colt ApP, TxP, MWP, StrP 11-Apr-2014
Moscow Synterra Moscow Pallada ApP TxP January 12, 2015
New York Mobile Physical move to new data center MDP, MWP-Air June 17-18 2014
New York Verizon DSL This agent will no longer be changing      
New York Verizon TsP New York Cogent Tsp Test Perspective February 6, 2014
Paris Colt Paris Cogent ApP, TxP 3-Apr-2014
Paris Iliad No move ApP, TxP Mar-Apr 2014
Paris Iliad Lyon Orange ApP, TxP August 4, 2014
Paris Verizon Paris FT/Orange ApP, TxP 30-Dec-2013
Philadelphia Verizon Philadelphia Level3 ApP, TxP, MWP 15-Apr-2014
Philadelphia Verizon Philadelphia MegaPath Last Mile 15-Apr-2014
San Diego NTT San Diego AT&T ApP, TxP, MWP June 23, 2014
San Francisco Verizon San Francisco CenturyLink ApP, TxP, MWP 22-Apr-2014
San Jose XO San Jose AT&T ApP, TxP, MWP, StrP 7-Mar-2014
Sao Paulo Telefonica This agent will no longer be changing    
Stockholm Telia Stockholm Interoute ApP, TxP, MWP, Last Mile, StrP 8-May-2014
Toronto Peer1 Toronto Cogent Mobile 3-Apr-2014
Washington D.C. Savvis Washington D.C. CenturyLink ApP 30-Dec-2013
Vancouver Telus Vancouver Telus (IP address change only) ApP TxP Last Mile 29-May-2014

Service Name Abbreviations:

ApP: Application Perspective

TxP: Transaction Perspective

MWP: Mobile Web Perspective

StrP: Streaming Perspective

Last Mile: Transaction Perspective Last Mile DSL

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Keynote making these changes?
    Keynote is always striving to deliver the best test and monitoring services that meet the needs of our customers. In order to do this, we are constantly evaluating the market, customer requests and requirements, and our business strategy. For example, we heard our customers' desire for more geographic coverage within the United Kingdom, France, and Germany and through these changes; we will be adding a new city in each of these countries.

  • What exactly are the changes?
    Please refer to the agent table above. At this time some of the change dates and the new carriers have not been finalized. The page above will be updated when changes occur.

  • What will happen to my measurements that are running on the location/carrier that is changing?
    We are making every effort to minimize the impact of these changes on customers by moving impacted measurements to the most appropriate alternative location/carrier. Items such as alarms and reports will be migrated by Keynote as well. If you have saved graphs that use data from the impacted agents you may need to update those after the changes occur. If the carrier is changing for an agent that you are currently using this will result in the performance and availability data showing up in the new agent/carrier following the change. As long as the agent is part of an agent group used by your measurement, the data will simply show the new replacement agent along with the rest of the agents in the group following the change. If you are not using an agent group for your measurement but are instead using the impacted agent directly, a new measurement will show up on the Graphs tab in MyKeynote and the data will be captured from the new agent/carrier going forward. In all cases the historical data captured by the original agent (prior to the move) will be preserved following the changes.

  • How much down time should I expect for the agent locations that I use?
    As mentioned above, we are making every effort to limit the impact this change might have on the availability of your performance data. In most cases there should be very little to no down time. However, in cases where we have to physically move the agent hardware from one location to another, there could be up to 12 hours or more down time for the agent. Please refer to the "Details" tab in the table on the announcement page to see which moves could incur extended downtime during the move.

  • How can I minimize the impact agent downtime will have on me?
    Most customers using larger agent groups will experience little to no impact as a result of these agent downtimes. Customers with measurements running only on the single agent being moved or as part of a small agent group may notice a reduction in data points captured. For customers who are concerned about this, we recommend logging into Keynote Service Center to add or move your measurement to a different agent prior to the scheduled move. If you need assistance doing this, please contact Keynote support using one of the methods below.

  • What will happen if I am already using the location/carrier that the affected agent is being replaced with?
    Keynote will consider all logical replacements for affected agents in order to choose the best one. However, there will be some rare cases where all logical options are already in use by the customer. In cases where we cannot identify a reasonable replacement, a replacement will not be made. Customers can use Keynote Service Center to select an alternative replacement any time prior or after the change.

  • I currently use a custom agent group, which contains one of the agents affected by this change. Will my custom agent group be automatically updated with the new agent?
    Yes, affected agents in custom agent groups will also be changed as indicated in the above table.

  • Will I need to reconfigure my alarms and reports which use the affected agents?
    No. All alarms settings that use the affected agents either explicitly or through agent groups will be migrated by Keynote. After the migration, you may want to review the alarm thresholds to ensure they are appropriate for the new agent(s) and carrier(s).

  • Should I expect differences in my performance data following these changes?
    Geographic and carrier differences are factors that impact performance data. While the differences are likely to be minor, Keynote strongly recommends that you carefully review your performance data and determine if any updates are necessary for your alarms or other MyKeynote reports.

  • Will I still be able to see my old data after the change is made to the location/carrier?
    Yes. Following the change, your old measurement data will continue to be available from within the MyKeynote portal.

  • Will measurement agent IP addresses be changing?
    In some cases the agent IP addresses will be changing. If you need the new IP address blocks for any of the agents you use, please mouse-over the info icon in the "Details" column of the table above to see the IP address blocks being used. Some IP address blocks will not be available until the change dates are closer.

  • Is there anything else I might need to know?
    For each replacement agent, a new Agent ID will be used; therefore,
    if you are using Agent IDs for anything including internal reporting, API calls, Virtual Profiles or Data Feed for any the agent locations affected, you may need to adjust for new Agent IDs. If you need the new agent IDs please reach out to Keynote Support using one of the methods below.

If you have any further questions, please contact Keynote Support Services or call +1-855-KEYNOTE.

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