Error Notifications via Alphanumeric Pager


When Red Alert detects an error condition, it can send a notification to your North American alphanumeric pager. (Notifications can also be sent to North American numeric pagers and to non-North American pagers.)

Your Preferred Account may have any number of alphanumeric pagers configured to receive error notifications. (Basic Accounts are limited to toll-free numeric pagers.) There is a charge for each notification sent to an alphanumeric pager. For details, follow the "Rates" link at the top of any Red Alert page.

Red Alert works with all North American alphanumeric pagers with industry standard TAP / IXO dialup modem numbers (this is almost everyone). Note: It is likely that the phone number you have been given for your alphanumeric pager is for human interface. Contact your paging company and ask them for a modem number. They may refer to it as a "self-dispatch number" or "TAP / IXO number" or simply "modem number". Please dial this number yourself to verify that a modem answers, rather than a human or an automated voice system.

How to Use

Unlike numeric pagers, alphanumeric pagers must be added to your account by the Red Alert support staff. Please email with the following required information:

  • Your Red Alert account number
  • Your daytime voice phone number
  • Paging company name
  • Paging company customer service phone number
  • Self-dispatch phone number (also called "modem number" or "TAP/IXO number")
  • Your pager PIN number
  • A name for your pager, such as "John Smith" or "John Smith's pager"
We will process your request within 48 hours.

Links on your Account Summary Page enable you to delete and edit alphanumeric pagers at any time. Follow the "Change Notification Options" link for each device to specify under which conditions each pager is to be notified. The default setting is for all pagers to be notified about all error types detected for all devices monitored.