Billing and Payment


Billing is performed for every one-month service period.

Fees for notifications via pager are charged at the end of the service period during which the notifications were sent. Fees for Enhanced Services are charged at the end of each service period during which they were in effect.

The base fees for device monitoring are charged as follows. For each service period, an account is billed in advance for the maximum number of devices simultaneously monitored in the previous service period. For example, if Red Alert were monitoring 12 devices at once for an account at some time during a certain service period, then the account would be billed in advance for 12 devices for the next service period as well. However, if the actual maximum number of devices monitored during any service period is different from the number billed for in advance, then an adjustment for actual usage is made on the next invoice.

For Web server monitoring, each URL monitored is counted as a separate "device".

There is a minimum charge per service period, as shown on the Rates page.

The Rates page shows pricing information, and provides an opportunity to select from the available pricing packages.

Invoices are rendered as Web pages and are stored, password-protected, at the Red Alert site. Each time a new invoice is generated, a summary is sent via email to the account's Administrative Contact, and also via email to an optional Billing Contact. Invoices are not sent by postal mail.

A list of online invoices is accessible via the Index of Invoices link near the bottom of the Account & Billing Info page.

No purchase order is required, but if one is provided, its number is referenced on each invoice.


Payment may be made by any of the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Diner's Club / Carte Blanche
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
The balance due for each billing period is charged automatically, and this amount is shown on the invoice for that billing period.

To enter or edit credit card information, follow the Account & Billing Info link at the top of any Red Alert page.