Device IP Addresses

When you add or edit a device for monitoring, Red Alert looks up its IP address. Thereafter, Red Alert sends its monitoring requests to that address directly, rather than performing a Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution upon each check.

A device's IP address appears in these places:

  • in a progress message when the device is being added or edited
  • in the tool bar below the device's entry on your Account Summary page
  • in the Service Summary report linked near the top of your Account Summary page
To change a device's IP address in Red Alert's records, simply follow the Edit link in the toolbar for that device on your Account Summary page, and submit the editing form. No actual editing is necessary, since Red Alert always looks up the device's current IP address upon submission of that form.

If the monitored device is a web server, Red Alert normally uses the device's domain name rather than its IP address in the Host header of its HTTP requests. If you wish, you may use an IP address rather than a domain name when adding or editing a device. But note that in this case, Red Alert will use the IP address rather than a domain name in the Host header; this may not be desirable if your server uses host-based virtual servers.