Devices Monitored


Red Alert can monitor any Internet device which accepts TCP connections. Such devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Web servers
  • Secure Web servers
  • Domain name servers
  • Email servers
  • News servers
  • Telnet servers
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers
  • Gopher servers
  • Finger servers

For Web servers, Red Alert can also monitor the contents of the Web pages, files, or CGI results they serve. (Each URL is considered to be a separate "device".) Password-protected URLs can be monitored with or without a username and password provided by you. See Password-Protected URL Monitoring.

And since any file can be served by a Web server (it need not be a traditional HTML-encoded Web page), the progress of any round-the-clock process which writes to a log file can potentially be monitored by Red Alert, even if that process otherwise has nothing to do with the Internet. See File Size Checking.

How to Use

A pull-down menu on your Account Summary Page enables you to add a new device or URL to be monitored. Red Alert tells you the standard TCP port for the device type you choose, but you may override the default if this device listens on a non-standard port.