Error Notifications via Email


When Red Alert detects an error condition, it can send notifications to any email addresses you specify. Any number of addresses may be used at no additional cost. Different addresses may be configured to receive notifications about different error types and different monitored devices.

How to Use

Links on your Account Summary Page enable you to add, delete, and edit email addresses anytime. Follow the "Change Notification Options" link for each device to specify under which conditions each address is to be notified. The default setting is for all addresses to be notified about all error types detected for all devices monitored.


If you are receiving notifications by pager but not by email, it is likely that an Internet connectivity problem is causing your email server to be inaccessible. Red Alert tries to deliver each notification message only once, rather than trying again later, since the arrival of a flurry of old notifications would be confusing and annoying.

It is advisable to use email addresses handled by a mail server which is not on the same network as the devices being monitored. The use of pagers for error notification is also highly recommended.