Error Type 1:Device inaccessible


If Red Alert cannot open a TCP connection to a device, it tries to ping the device. If the ping is also unsuccessful, then either the device has crashed or some connectivity problem has made it inaccessible to some or all of the Internet. At this point, if Gateway Router Monitoring has not been activated for this device, Red Alert reports Error Type 1 to you. If Gateway Router Monitoring is active, then Red Alert also tries to ping the gateway, and reports Error Type 1 if the ping succeeds (indicating that the device is inaccessible but its gateway is OK), or Error Type 6 if the gateway is also inaccessible.

NOTE: Some Internet devices reside behind firewalls which do not pass ping requests. Red Alert can still monitor these devices, and will simply report Error Type 1 (or Type 6, if applicable) whenever a TCP connection cannot be opened.

All error conditions are triple-checked before notifications are sent to you.

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How to Use

There is no way to deactivate monitoring for Error Type 1. To activate or deactivate notifications about this error type, follow the "Change Notification Options" link on your Account Summary Page.


If you are receiving notifications of Error Type 1 for a device, but the device is operating properly and its Internet connection seems OK, then its IP address may have changed since you registered it with Red Alert. Simply follow the EDIT link for that device on your Account Summary Page, and re-submit the form (no editing required). This will cause Red Alert to look up the device's new IP address. The IP address which Red Alert is currently using for a device appears in all email and pager notifications sent.