Error Type 4:Keyword not found in first 28K, or data transmission stopped for 30 seconds


This error type applies only to URLs, not to other types of monitored devices.

When you add or edit a URL to be monitored, you may choose to enter a keyword, a string of up to 40 characters. Red Alert will report Error Type 4 to you if this keyword is ever missing from the web page. This might happen if, for example, an HTML file becomes corrupted, or a CGI script produces incorrect output. The keyword must appear within the first 28 kilobytes of HTML and text (images are ignored). It may consist of any combination of text and/or HTML tags, including HTML comments. Keyword monitoring is optional. There is no extra charge for this service.

All error conditions are triple-checked before notifications are sent to you.

How to Use

To activate monitoring for Error Type 4 for a URL, follow the EDIT link in that URL's entry on your Account Summary Page, and fill in the Keyword field on the editing form. To deactivate monitoring for Error Type 4, submit the editing form with an empty Keyword field.

To activate or deactivate notifications about this error type, follow the "Change Notification Options" link on your Account Summary Page.


If you are receiving notifications of Error Type 4 for a URL, but the keyword does appear in the web page being monitored, then the server may be pausing for 30 seconds or more before sending the portion of the data which contains the keyword. Red Alert drops any connection from which it has received no data within 30 seconds.